Saturday 15 March 2014

A Letter: On completion of 6 months of marriage!

Here comes a letter from a husband who completed 6 months of marriage today. This is a guest post by a dost Ravi Maurya, dedicated to his beautiful wife Bimalpreet Kaur. Before you start reading this post, I would like to take the opportunity to wish this newly permanent couple, years of happiness, love, good food,  badminton, cricket and understanding. Happy for you dost!

Here goes the letter and the first guest post on my blog:

Dear Wife,

With due respect, I wanted to bring to your notice that it has been 6 months since I have been assigned the role "Husband".

With pleasure, I can proudly announce that today, I have completed my probation under your command and would like you to discuss my performance objectively for confirmation and strengthening my position under your influence.

As you are aware, to make this process categorically open and competitive under the guidelines of Universal Marriage Act, which knowingly and unknowingly abides by all married partners across the globe, is a tough task. But since we are following WAWM level 5 (Wife Always Wins Model level 5), we need to go through it.

Under this probation review, you need to make an assessment of my skills and thereby provide me a grading on the basis of fulfillment of my Key Responsibility Areas (KRAs). The grading of my KRAs will prove my position and assert whether I have proved to be a good resource for you or not. This assessment will make me eligible for further performance incentives, in case I am found to be a strong contributor throughout my probation period.

In the lack of underlying evidences of good performance, non-fulfillment of my KRA and negative feedback, you have every right to penalize me. The penalty may include expensive gifts, unconditional shopping extravaganza, tours to the most exotic and expensive locations and last but not the least, wasting money on jewellery.

Please list down the important parameters on which you will judge me. Please share the KRAs template with me where I can self–review against the completion of each goal. After a self-review, I’ll submit my performance goal sheet where you will share your feedback and assessment grading. We’ll go further and evaluate significance of each goal and discuss them thoroughly against the desired level of achievement. After successful evaluation we’ll be in a good position to have a broader vision for our mutual growth. 

Looking forward for your co-operation during this tedious process yet lovely process.

Yours Sincerely,
Just A Husband

And this is what the wife has to say:

P.S: Thank you Ravi to allow me to go ahead and copy this. It was the first message I saw in the morning on my Facebook feeds. All I wanted was to have it as a guest post.


  1. This is probably funniest post I have read by a husband (who was on probation i.e. 6 months).
    I can extract a few things from here:
    1. Our job culture is disturbing our minds :P
    2. Wife is the Boss, when you are not working!
    3. Wife is the boss, when you are working (she is the boss anyway)
    4. Marriage can be on 6 months probation, and husbands seem to be under high performance pressure!- I wish it to be true for better performance.
    5. KRA grading can prove to be amazing opportunity to exploit the new entrant!:P
    6. Life is full of hopes for us girls :))
    Good one Ravi, quite entertaining. Totally Hilarious!

  2. @Shesha: Interesting inputs. It's all about women power!


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