Monday 21 April 2014

Right Age: A-to-Z Challenge [21 April 2014]

I bring to you opinions of a fellow blogger Shesha Chaturvedi on Right Age. Here is the guest post:

Are we living in the right era and doing proper things that are meant for this age?

Some times it seems that somebody has made rules to do specific things at a particular age in ones life. Everyone abides by those rules. If anyone walks out of line, people stare at them, they react with rage and anger. The rule-breaker after looking at others' reactions, starts feeling out-casted and panics.

Here is the chronology:
It is alright to eat crushed ice till the age of 5-10 years, skipping rope till 15, laughing loudly and stupidly till 18, finishing college by the age of 21, getting into job by 22, getting married by 25, having kids by 30 and so on...

Is everyone going as per the plan? Or is it possible that we invite unplanned things to us, follow our instincts more than those plans.

It could be something where - we Live for today, learn from pasts and worry a little of future.
We plan things, we fail, something unexpected happens and we get happy or sad. We fall and rise again, plan again, pass or fail again and so on. And while we think we will go as per plans, life doesn't! There isn't a right age for anything in the world.

One of my uncle learned swimming at the age of 60. Another one took up his passion for photography soon after his retirement. At 80 he is enjoying his newly bought SLR lenses and Photoshop. Some ladies in their twenties are not doing anything and some are even working after their retirements. There is no right or wrong age for anything in the world. We do what we want to do when we want to do it and when we feel its the right time and there is right the opportunity. As they say age is just a number. We can waste our time either in counting it day by day, or we can enjoy while it lasts...

Badge : A-to-Z Challenge [April 2014]
Author's Shesha Chaturvedi's Note: Be guided by the light in you and not by the number of years you have spent on this earth. Age is not a factor, your wishes are!

Shine Kapoor's Note: As I believe that everyone is unique in one's special way. I wish that it was more to be what you are and go with the flow. Age is just a number, err word!

P.S.: Thank you Shesha :) for sharing your contribution on my blog.

P.P.S.: Shesha Chaturvedi blogs at Elixired.


  1. Indeed, age is but a number. I wish more people realised this. I learnt to swim at the age of 32 and I have never been happier. The world beckons, for those who care to listen.

    Nice one, Shesha!

    1. Exactly! World beckons for those who care to listen! I am glad you liked it Shailja!

  2. A nice one. Age is just a number. We can do any thing at any age, provided we have the will to do it.

    1. Absolutely Usha Mam! We should have will to do it, and we can do anything we want to irrespective of the age!

  3. It is all in attitude :) And looks like you girls have the right kind of attitude! Love the pic of that young lady on the bike ;) Nice post!

    1. Yesss Beloo. I have a list to do things in my life. But not in an age-order...
      That image is Shine's selection! I am so glad you liked the post! :)


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