Saturday 9 August 2014

Ripples and Perspectives

Just as the ripples streamed through a point.
Those ripples followed each other.
In a perfect circular shape.
And merged with the shores.
Touching the edge of the pond.
One after the other.
In symmetrical streams.
Created for a short span.
No matter who brought those ripples.
Whether a pebble or a Kingfisher.
It brought to motion the calmness.
Some see beauty in calmness.
Some found meaning in the motion.

Author's Note: It all comes down to perspective.

P.S.: It is time for introspection, where do you find solace, in ripples or in calmness.


  1. Loved this narration of ripples vs calmness. Isn't one followd by the other 'always'?

    1. I am assuming that you meant the cycle of ripples and calmness. It depends a lot on an individual, some people cannot hold on to emotional turmoil while some just are not comfortable with a calm life. Thanks for stopping by.


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