Tuesday 19 August 2014

The deadly reach of LinkedIn

Just as employers look for a perfect fit for a role through reference checks, rounds of interviews and discussions – we, as job seekers, look for an organization that is a close fit for our career development.

Factor this, you applied for a job, everything went smooth – and now when you are right out there to be handed over that offer. When you are at the verge of putting down your paper, you were suggested to reach out to former employees of the company. How? Of-course LinkedIn, GlassDoor or just Google the name of the company.... It is like a paparazzi and you are out there to pick clues of the reality.

Source: LinkedIn
The company’s secrets are out. Either it could be written somewhere, or you just received a reply from one of the former jilted employees indicating the flaws in the system. And yes those are real flaws – not about office gossip and politics, but about loopholes in the business model, possible jitters that may come in the way of your career development, including the work environment.

Company secrets are no more secrets. It is better if organizations realize that and stop treating an employee as just an employee and make them leave you on a bitter note. Employer branding is a real thing – the dark-side of the office happiness will be exposed. In times to come, organizations will understand the power of employee agony – it can cost you more than a jilted customer.

What are your thoughts on it?
Source: LinkedIn

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