Thursday 7 August 2014

Perks of falling in love with the wrong person

Many of you will relate to this topic, because at one time or the other we have all been head over heels for the wrong one. Some of us were stuck in for longer than recommended. This recommended duration comes from people who ask you how could you be with him for so long?
The good times you have had with someone you love was the reason you were together, count the bad times - those were not meant to be there.
But there are some perks to it, so if you curse yourself for being with that jerk for longer than you should have, read on:

The battle of Love Quotations and Love Rules 

Those fancy love quotations are just for those real love stories, they are not the rules of relationship.
The only rules of a love relation is respect for each other, for yourself and for the two of you. The moment that balance is let lose the relationship will fall. Now when you will be in that cursing mode, remember that you have learnt your lesson and have to find that person who possesses real qualities, reciprocates your admiration, accepts you and both of you have mutual respect.

You found out where exactly you went wrong

Being let down repeatedly by him/her and accepting it was wrong on your part.
If you are the one sobbing right now, the chances of you being taken for granted are higher. And if that is the case, then you may also narrate endless incidents about what you did for him/her. Yes there would have been situations where the other one would have reciprocates, but to no match. So you might have realized how powerfully truthful was that little voice in your head.

You learn that you are the center of your world

Your dreams about going for a vacation with him/her are yet to be realized. May be you have also dreamt about your kids, a happy family, et al. And you have held that idea so dear to you that you cannot just let it go. Now you know that nothing will count if the other person is the wrong one. Now you know those red flag situations and will not fall prey to such tricks in life ever and say NO when required.

Once you will clear the clutter in your head, you will get over the fear of unknown, and accept yourself completely. Display the spirit of Dew - Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hai (victory lies ahead what you fear).

Author's Note: So that little or long relationship experiment was over (had it been a successful relationship, I would have termed it relationship investment), you know yourself better. Your illusions would have been clear by now and ultimately you will have no time and energy to curse him/her and leave it on karma for hurting you.

P.S: When you were with that wrong person and someone asked you why you love him and her, can you recall your answer? Tell me in the comment box.


  1. The right or wrong person is termed by others. No one can ever know who is right or wrong for a person. It's just that you start talking to a person, sparks fly and you get to habitual or being with that person that you need no one else.But yeah, no matter how much we say, read or's quite difficult for us (the overtly emotional kinds) to not make our beloved one the centre of our universe. at least I have realised, it's you, who should be important to your own self. If the love you give is not reciprocated in equal or any measure - talk it out, sob and get done with it and go out and enjoy your life.

    To begin with resume to blogging or indulge in some well-deserved retail therapy. Especially at Janpath ;)

    Btw, avery well written post. As always.

    1. Thank you, Anupriya.

      I believe there comes a time when we tag someone wrong. Yes at the beginning we have those butterfly tummy. But some people are just wrong, and those who fall for them feel that it is a misconception, despite knowing that something is off. Deep down we know that a wrong person is coming along and we do not pay heed to our intuition.

      I believe that we meet a lot of soul mates in our life, the companionship gets over/drifts apart once we have learnt what was supposed to be taught.

  2. How I wish there was a formula which could decide right and/ or wrong

    1. There is a superpower, and that is called intuition! :)


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