Thursday 22 October 2009

NP please

Yes! This one comes for you.. Remember the way you smartly took the newspaper from my hand today morning. And you loved reading it too, as it was a change from my suggestion (read Hindu everyday) to something better and refreshing (read Hindustan Times). So how important is it to read a newspaper? 

I have been giving lectures to my siblings as to why they should not miss reading the newspaper. We all know why is it crucial for students, professionals, people on a whole. The logic of suggesting reading Hindu is not the point here. Its just that I want you to develop reading as a habit. Read as much as one can, read anything. It really helps! 

I can write really a lot on how reading is beneficial. But putting it in Gen Y's term my dear chicks and dudes.. its cool to be informed! Almost everyone has access to newspapers, they are preferred over e-papers, and the infinite world of virtual information! I have subscribe to email newsletters from Economic Times, but nothing quite matched the fun of holding a paper sheet and scanning through the page. 

- Your dream college is enrolling for the dream course. Sure if you read newspaper smartly enough you are not gonna miss it.  Sure you have to prepare for the exam, but applying for it is the first step to get into it. 

- Word Builder: Just could not get where the hell people get the coolest world from. Dude, its the morning paper that the vendor throws everyday in your veranda. Please take pain (if you would want to really call it pain) to read it. 

- Knowledge of things happening: Okay, politics, business, economy, international relation etc has got nothing to do with you. But there is actually nothing wrong in knowing about it. The transition from pseudo-intellect to and intellectual happens through information and knowledge. Newspapers in regional languages in India has really empowered the masses, with information from RTI, consumer rights, to ambani's rift. 

- General Knowledge: If you feel that you are not suppose to know who's is the Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission.. think again. I got this question  for selection in a multinational entity. Knowing about people in key position adds to your intellect and shows one is aware the world. 

- Spicy gossips anyone! Refer to the lifestyle pages. They too are full of cool words and jazzy slang's. These colourful pages add up to the feel good factor of monotonous life. My colleague taught me how to really scan through the lifestyle pages :-)

Author's Note: This post is purely for the purpose of getting someone in the habit of reading newspapers.


  1. aahhh..!!
    sounds like you are pointing out to people like me..:)

  2. Yep.. clearly u and ur other sibling!

  3. I totally agree with everything u have written here. Newspapers surely are an update and at times gives us some interesting subject to discuss for hours.

    I think we should start reading them even more coz we don't really have much to do these days.

  4. he he ... its for me... :D
    ab se pakka ..... done

  5. Get up in the morning and go for a walk/run. Come back n sip tea and read the morning newspaper sitting in my balcony. SMS gud morning to a few close friends...some of whom are very particular about timings....quick bath n breakfast and I am off to office...

    My morning routine....totally incomplete without the newspaper.


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