Wednesday 21 October 2009

Winters ~ Courtesy Kay!!

I love winters, as much as I love summers, spring and Autumn.. Each season bring along memories. I am sure some 'I's' around.. Yes sis I know you love it too.

Diwali marks the advent of winters. These days its cold at night and in the morning, while through the day one would feel right in the mid June

While on my way back home yester-night I was rather scared how will I cope with deadly winters. My sister smiled back and said, Di its nice time.. Everything is beautiful when its cold. I know there are many other things she wanted to tell me about winter, but she knew that my head is aching badly and all I want is to get home ASAP. Just listing some of the most obvious things that kay wanted to tell me:

- Colourful, beautiful woolens teamed-up with a scarf. It looks gorgeous!
- Evening walks at north campus, nothing on earth can beat it. 
- Cold breeze and hot coffee!
- Chit chatting with my siblings at night till the clock reads 6 in the morning, it happens with us!
- Terrace talks, both morning and nights!
- Sunday task to get sufficient Vitamin D
- Getting up late and staying in bed till noon. I do that :-)
- Its shopping time, winter clothing etc you see...
- Makki di roti, I gorge to it during most of the winter weekend
- Hot water bath
- That New year's feeling, its synonymous to winters
- Kay, I am damn sure you have to add more

Author's Note: This post is dedicated to Kay and the spirit with which you have been welcoming winters! Dear reader please add how do you welcome winters?


  1. yeah !!..
    i have a big list ..:D
    I love fog in the night when u can not see at much longer looks beautiful ..
    also the warmth you feel while you are with your loved ones in cold breezy times..
    though I don't have a fireplace and I am against burning wood and causing pollution but I always want to have it where I can sit in a cold night and read some nice book ..
    and much much more ..:)

  2. Specially that hot coffee & Makki di rot are the good ones for the winter

  3. Yesh.....winters are here..I love the winters too...well except that the short skirts are locked out....

    My winter activities:-

    Early morning walks in Lodhi garden

    After noon golf on the week ends

    Black uniform..I dont have to change it everyday now :)

    Lunch in the club garden

    Mungfali Chikki n peanuts

    Driving my bike with wife n a leather jacket

    No AC so lesser power bills :)

    The list is never ending.....

  4. I have some more to add,

    Ice-cream tastes even better in winters.. have you guys tried it?

    Momos are even more delicious!

    Joe am waiting for the surprise comment :-)

    @ Samit... long bike rides in winters are just so cool!!

    @ Kundan.. dude I completely agree!

  5. Hey,

    Thats the best part about Delhi...the constant change...winters to autumn, the monsoons and then winters again...

    The winters get back dal ke pakode...revdis..the smell of elaichi in the evening air...

    The summers have their dahi bhalle and kulfi falooda..:)


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