Tuesday 6 October 2009

55 Fiction... Widgets... beautifying my blog!

Recession took a toll, but its aftermath is dangerous. I did not know that sitting ideal in office, especially you when you read news everyday about the markets getting back in shape, can be so frustrating. 

Well I am completely bored.. absolutely no work! I keep scanning through links of blogs, news portals, try my hands at beautifying my weblog etc. 

During this endeavour I came  across the concept of 55 Fiction

The story has to be narrated in no more than 55 words. Sure I will try my hands at it at my fiction blog. Probably I have written a few like the three versions of Runaway Bride.

I tried my hands at widgets too... Have a look at the amazing gadget on the top right of this page. Now I can know the visitors toll on my blog. I wish I knew about it when I started blogging :-( anyways.

Author's Note: The entire post is the note :-p


  1. 55 fiction is an interesting concept....I tried my hand at it but was not too successful. All the best to U.

    I hope ur bosses dont read ur blogs.....The way u've been going on about not having work in office..if I were U I'd find some widget to block my bosses from accessing my blog.

  2. Hmm my boss is well aware anonymous :-)

  3. hmmm that's interesting.
    nice blog

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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