Tuesday 20 October 2009

Celebrate with true spirits

Well its coming a little late, but in full Spirits.. Wishing you all a very happy Diwali. It is festival of lights, sweets and gifts! It was celebrated on the 17th October 2009. 

While I am least concerned about the puja part, I had to participate in on as a part of family decorum. The moment the puja was over, I hopped on to sweets. That's the best part about the festivities. I just love to gorge on anything delicious. I am sure even if I gain a hundred kilos I will never be able to stop myself from having good food. Secondly the lights, I love the feeling but ironically the twinging lights coming inside my room from the shield of a window and curtain is still irritating posing as a hindrance to get me asleep. And about gifts, ask yourself who don't like gifts.. We all love it, isn't it??

The most amazing part, and sadly the most unfortunate part is the crackers bursting. It take the pollution levels to a toll. My little cousin, who is not even a year old was to be hospitalised. He got respiratory infection due to increased pollution. I myself has been advocating crackers free diwali within my family. Thankfully my siblings subscribe to same school of though. But people don't despite being well apprised abut the noise and environmental pollution. 

Author's Note: I strongly feel that people turn blind eye to anything bad! Same goes with pollution. We all must celebrate festivals with true spirits to maintain cleanliness in the air, water and land around. I don't really know this post will be of any persuasion, but still I wanted to speak it through my blog.


  1. Its time to celebrate a "Green" diwali form here onwards.

    Sweets and Lights...and good wishes....

  2. Thanks for naming 'Green Diwali'


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