Thursday 12 November 2009


Yesterday I wore denim jacket while commuting to and fro, and today carrying a sweater. Welcome to the winter sessions in Delhi, saw many people in warm attire. This will stay for some 4-5 months, sometime during the middle of winters, temperature will drop to the freezing point.

Like everything, winters have its negatives and positives.. The trick is how one can capture the positives and negate the negatives. The only negative for me about winters is that I develop bad headache during extreme cold/hot weather. And getting out of the bed in a winter morning in itself a huge task, all I wish to do is get into my bed and gorge some gajak n peanuts.

Author's Note: This is for me gearing up for cold weather headache!


  1. Welcome back Shine...Long time, no see.

    I love the winters too but as U have the head ache, I have the persistent cold n cough.....nothing which a warm jacket and warm water can not take care of though...

    Gajak..hmm lemme go right now and buy some....And yes gol gappas taste even better now :)

  2. All negatives should be taken out not only from winters but also from life. Only positives should be retained.

    The remedy to ur winter head ache may be a cap on ur head at all times??


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