Sunday 22 June 2014

Friendship and the Nots!

We have all had our share of fake friends, they are those who show with all their might that they care. But when you are not there, they make fun of your weak points. They discuss you with other people, only to derive some pleasure of gossip. At times when you are there, they will out of innocence make a comment that will pinch you so hard that you will wonder if what you understood what the real meaning of that comment.

Sometimes people take you for granted. They start thinking that they are living your life, and knowingly or unknowingly start doing things that the you do not like. Here are a few things that I do not like and just hope that I do not do these to you. 

When I think about friends, here are some things I would not do to a friend:

#1. I will not judge you. Simply hear you out - with no judgements. I mean it!
#2. I will not have crush on your crush, or hit on your guy.
#3. I will not speak on your behalf or make plans for you without your consent.
#4. I will not feed on your pain point, even when we are no more friends.
#5. I will not ignore your phone calls.
#6. I will not influence the choices you make.
#7. I will not get you to tell me something that you do not want to.

Author's Note: Friendship is an association that will help people grow, together, for better. I will never pull you down, or manipulate your choices.

P.S.: If you are being a false friend then our friendship will drift apart, of not soon then within a matter of weeks or months.


  1. As always, good to read your blog post.

    Firstly I wonder...the words themselves are to contradicting - Fake Friends. friends who are fake wouldn't be friends at all in the first place no? Yeah when you get to know your friend was faking friendship with you - that's when you think was it a genuine friendship at all.

    Secondly, read those pointers that you wouldn't do to a friend. Seemed like friendship vows to me :)
    I have a feeling if I need to remind myself to do or not do a few things (intentionally) then am laying conditions to myself. It's when I get into a friendship or any new relationship for that matter, I would gradually know and realise what should I be doing if I really want that relationship to sustain forever. For a person manipulating a friend's decisions may be influencing or inspiring for another. It just depends on how you and your friend sees it and your compatibility.

    P.S: These were just my thoughts.

    P.P.S: I love you and will do anything within my capability to retain this friendship forever :*

    1. I have had my share of fake friends, and who knows it better than you.

      I agree, that it is only after knowing someone that you realize what the other person may or may not like. It would be wrong to think that a possible friend will know you - it a process. You get to know your friends gradually, in fact discover something new about them even after years of association with them.

      Thank you my top commentor :)

  2. Its not easy getting friends.More often than not,one considers aquantences as friends and get cheated.that is the time it hurts the most

    1. The acquaintances part is so true.

      At the same time some people just pretend to care, which we often do not understand. They are not really real friends - they just need you for sometime - may be as a company.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


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