Wednesday 25 June 2014

The Story of Smoke

Desires to bring you comfort.
Desires to bring you happiness.
Desires that bring you a momentary pleasure.
I am smoke, and you created me to satisfy those desires.
I was not existent till the time you lit a cigar, you burned that fuel, you brought fire to the woods...

I was born when you destructed mother nature. As I came to life, I had to make way through a narrow path. The way that was dark, and it was suffocated due to my presence. The more I was bound, the more fierce I became to find a way out. My zeal to break into the real world did not die.

I kept finding way out till I found it. From an insignificant mass inside a narrow lane, I busted into the air. I spread myself under the endless skies. Forming various shapes and dancing to the sound of strong wind that did not welcome me, but merged me into the air. It did not kill me, but it took away my identity. I existed, but no one could see me.

I was left to cause you death. My impact was there - a strong one. I promise to haunt you to revenge my destruction.

Author's Note: I have always been fascinated by the smoke coming out of Chimneys, I was reminded that today.


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