Friday 17 December 2010

Love at first sight

Do you believe it? Some agree that it happens and some don't. Something that clicks. Something that tell you that this is what you have always been wanting! Love at first sight....

Well love at first sight is something that I will be able to discus once I fall in love. The singlehood that I have been relishing is compelling me to define what love at first sight would be? Anyways follow this instance and help me to come to a conclusion!

Prachi was discussing about what she would want her partner to be with Pia. Well for me the first impression matter, but looks.. naaah!. I will prefer intelligence over looks, sensibility over shrued, acquaintance over stranger. 

So you will never fall for a stranger?, interrogated Pia.

No, never! you never know what that stranger would be, Prachi uttered with a dramatised tone. Moreover what if the guy pretended to be what he is.

Pretention, that is a different thing, people do pretent and betray.. Pia said. 

But think about it, knowing each other! hmm, well do not you find it amazing when two complete strangers meet and fall in love. You never know what it would be for, weather you fall for looks, or the way he talks, for his sensibilities, or just a gesture that wanted you to meet him again. Familiarity brings monotony in life, I always feel that a stranger element should always exist! You learn something new about the other person everyday, that may all the more, make you fall in love with him. This will be love at each of sight of a new him, that one will fall in love for.

Prachi was still not convinced, but Pia wanted to meet that a sensible guy, who would take her away to secret place! But the question remains.. Does love at first sight happen?

Author's Note: Love is when you risk everything for just one person. Is love at first sight something true? Or are such people carrying their heart in hands?


  1. It just can't be explained until and unless you actually fall in love..
    Every friend was a stranger someday :)

  2. Love at first sight, 4 words which every person wants to know, wants to experience.

    But its something that just happens.

    For eg, you go shopping & land up at a store for buying a particular thing. In the store you see something that you just cant caste your eyes off. You buy it & your job is done. You need not have to look at other options to compare & contrast. Obviously, when you buy a particular thing of your desire in the manner described above, you have scanned that object so fast & decided finally just once to buy it. There are no second thoughts.

    For love at first sight in context to a person, you just have to look at a person & you realize 'Thats it. My search is over.' Sometimes you don't even have to scan. Things happen so fast that you fall in love without realizing it.

    But always to remember, there is a lot of difference between LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT & BLIND LOVE.

    People do often say, love is blind. While in love the individuals do not realize or see anything, but what they do know is just love. This kind of impulsive love is most of the times bad & very different from love at first sight. Love should not be that blind that you do not realize the effect & the consequence.

    The actual love at first sight for choosing a thing or a person (again to know choosing an innate object & a living person is different)should allow you to choose the right direction.

    Just one thing, experience the instant first sight love positively.

    Wishing you & the readers of your blog a very happy, prosperous, productive & a safe new year.


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