Thursday 31 December 2009

Comedy of Errors

My computer has been slow as their is some mistakes in the system. The seat is wintery since december is the month of cold in my house-land. Air force has been coming inside to my desk because the door is not wind-proof. Coming to office was a war situation today and everyone in office are missing as they want to come late and go early. I had some chewing gums in the morning which are very tasty to taste. 

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Dear Readers, the trick here is to commit errors to work as comedy! A colleague introduced me to the concept today morning, and I thought that the last post of the year should end on a smiling note! Chronicwriter has been my constant inspiration and I bow down to all those friends who have brought smile to my face during the past years! 

Happy & Prosperous New Year 2010

Love you all!


  1. I started reading and thought to myself "Shine needs to pay attention to her English..." By the time I finished I was smiling and thinking "Dont jump to conclusions".

    A very happy new year to U too....and may U continue to bring smiles to the faces of ur friends and keep inviting them to lovely plays....

  2. i am like very much the post. right u well so ..i much found people like this talking. thing funny is. very wow.. !!!

    happy new EAR to u :)


  4. yeah i remember tht day no1 wnt to wrk evry1 want to leave early....
    i too was eagerly looking at my wrist watch but it was ticking slowly nothing was working tht day.....
    But i was also happy abt the coming long weekend.
    I enjoyed my weekend a lot
    and Happy New Year to u and ur family especially ur sis


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