Thursday 10 December 2009

Incidental meeting!

My eyes were struck at the jacket displayed on a road-side shop. Considering the advent of winters, I really needed one! Making my way through a cluttered street, I was marching towards the shop. The task should be termed 'herculean', as on a Sunday evening, most of the people move out of their couch to vouch for shop-ables! In this backdrop, shopping turn into an achievement. Many voices were doing the rounds around me, but I did not bother as non of them sounded familiar to me. However I could make out someone coming towards me knows me. His style of walking, said it all. I noticed it even when my eyes were struck on the jacket, and the board which read 'For Sale'. He is an old friend, trying to convey that he is passing by, before saying a charming Hi!

Author's Note: Familiarity, is what I describe the incidental meeting in the story. The character struck on her shopping object.

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