Thursday 10 December 2009

Gone to the past!

The last few days were eventful especially with me finding childhood friends on facebook. We got to share a few messages and called up each other. Sure we are planning to meet. I did not know their surnames, but a little strategy took me to their profiles. Its simple just type down their name and search if their sibling's name is listed in their friends' list. Well if you dont know the name of any of their sibling, then make use of the stuff positioned inside your skull and strategies. You can just find anyone! Virtual world is amazing!

I also got to chat with a high school buddy 'Pratik'. Though did not interact much, but those few seconds spend with him were nostalgic. Remember how he looked when we use to tease him. How scared he was when I almost ran up a scooty on him. How he felt when I was a little loud with him. Sorry buddy, never wanted to hurt you!! I just cant get over that candy uncle who pestered him whenever the entire group stood for chat session in a busy market. His philosophies were just so cool! Sipping coffee in the winter evening at the shop around the corner! I even now at times go back to those unbeatable moments. Thanks to these networking sites, one is updated with mood / accomplishments / failures / farmville levels of the active members. One doesnt feel alienated on meeting after a long time.

Author's Note: I simply have to say that the time spend with friends can never be replaced. I miss it and look forward to meet them :). No matter what, those past memories will remain a part of me, and I will relish those good times forever!


  1. U know I always prefer meeting college friends now to school friends. In school we were different when I meet those friends, I find they have become totally different people....

    Whereas college friends are more recent and turn out more like our memories..

    Ur making memories even now...U will remember these friends after 10 years...So make the most of ur vellapanti n bond with them..make gud memories.

  2. Yup Samit very true! Thus the diversity coming out from school friends is just unbeatable.

  3. thanks for making me remember that candy uncle once again. I saw him few days back but he don't remember me any more. I think, now he is more concerned with his poverty then cherishing a group of teenagers debating on right mode of living. Time have surely passed like seconds. But I can still feel that weather and crowded kamla nagar market, the coffee shop and the evenings. and hey thanks I never knew that you considered my philosophies..kool. were talking about me only na..haha..:)

  4. It is always nice to meet old friends. It reminds of those good old memories and brings a smile to your face.. :)

  5. nice blog man................keep it going.......
    check out my blog n post comment if u find it interesting......

  6. Anytime Pratik.. and yes I am talking abt you only.. Had to edit my post to put ur name there:p

    Yup Nish it brings back the good old memories~~

    Thanks Anish!

  7. yeah very true...!!!
    i know how excited u and karnika were to meet ur childhood friends...!!! i was bit busy with the play thing that time, so i could not catch up to know all the chit chat and ur childhood tales...(live)!!! but i heard the thousand times repeated telecast...!!!

    and yeah pratik bh. i still remember how much you guys used to fight, and if u had no topic then it was me.. "jaya.. tu kiski behen hai" hahaha and me nanhi si jaan...!!! kisko kya kahu..!!!

    and apart from this.. i too miss my friends a lot specially my 2nd standard ki harleen kaur chadda... others are still in touch, except her..!!!


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