Wednesday 16 December 2009

Mirror Mirror on the wall!!

Well finally my sis is spiritedly awaken by my call! that shows how badly I wanted to recall that earth-shattering idea~~ Remember the one I mentioned in the previous blog.

So ladies and gentlemen.. that idea was to discuss how many of you get up and look at your face in the mirror.. I do get up and the first thing I do is to adore my face in a mirror, just next to my bed. Actually whenever I get up from my bed I laze around near the mirror, it is a ritual for me. This also happens whenever I try a smoky eye make up with a tinge of blue (my favourite colour) my foot get glued on the dressing table, adorning a ravisher! I don't feel conscious sharing anything with my mirror.. be it some wacky look or just out of the bed smudged kohl untidy hair prink.

What happened last night was that I asked my sister how many times does she adorn herself in front of the mirror. Her reply was many times.. Actually same as mine..... So I went into introspection wondering many of us don't miss to notice ourselves in the rear view mirror of car smartly parked on the road! Or who all of us try to figure out the impressive quotient by tilting a bit on the window panes of a hip-lifestyle showroom?

So much so that my cousin, who just crossed one year of his age, did not want to move away from his image casted on the window panes of a car. Every time I started walking, he shouted and insisted me to hold him so that we can stand right next to the car, and he kept looking at himself..

I have also found quite a few animals (by that I mean cows, cats and dogs) staring at their image on an object that acts as a mirror for them. I notice quite a few of living beings embellishing themselves. Getting in the philosophical mode, may I proclaim that whatever is done by masses is OK and whatever done by classes is cool! So this action of many of us is just okay!!

A few merits of facial adorning traits are as follows
~ You know how you are looking on a particular day
~ You get comfortable with your look
~ You experiment with your looks

Author's Note: Isn't it an earth-shattering blog post?? Well I forgot most of the points that I thought I will write in this post last night!! 


  1. See u also forgot the content like I had mentioned in my comment on the last post..

    But I think this post is more for the girls....I agree I have seen men admiring themselves in the mirror...but I can speak only for myself...

    The only time I see the mirror is when I brush my teeth..and even them mostly my eyes are closed or I am day dreaming...

    U have mentioned the advantages of looking at the mirror...well maybe I gotta start.

  2. I could relate with your post.
    I am a sucker for mirror or any reflecting surface so that i can admire God for such perfection.
    nope! I am not narcissistic, just a little self obsessed, like most of people.... :P

  3. You delighted me with your post shine. I was guilty of squandering time noticing myself in the mirror. I would now see it as a common phenomenon

  4. nice blog shine!
    @ samit, well as far as i know, guys are equally or smtimes more concious about their appearance than the girls.. so may be many times unknowingly u have been staring urself in mirror..:P which u will start noticing now :P :P

    Keep blogging!!

  5. @ Samit I agree with Shesha, guys are conscious abt their looks ;)
    @ Bhavuk - you dnt have to be guilty abt such a small thin :)
    @ Karni - I knw, you were amongst the top one I thought abt when I wrote it!!
    @ Shesha - Thanks for your complement~

  6. Oh I simply don't miss a single chance of checking myself weneva I get an opportunity.

    My folks question what's the point in noticing urself before sleeping nd I reply 'What if I meet someone in my dreams?'.. LOL

  7. nice post...i remember you girls staring at the window mirror of our coaching class. Even boys are on the same plate and there is a reason behind that... :)

  8. @ Shine - Took me sometime to figure why U were agreeing with Shesha..I thot u meant mirror in Hindi...Then looked at the other comments and understood what U meant..sorry am a lil dumb...OK lemme start looking into the mirror..

    @ Shesha - Nice name...never heard that one before.

    @ Nishtha - Ur obsession with the mirror and camera I know Mam...but meeting someone in ur dreams....well make sure to sleep with Kajal...

  9. ask me who has rehearsed all the play dialogues in front of mirror.. that too in shine di's room...!!!

  10. @Nish: I too sleep well dressed to meet my gypsy boy

    @Praveen: Do let us know the reason behind guys checking out the mirror?

    @Samit: So how have the mirror gazing experience been??

    @Pari: I know that you have been harassing the mirror in my absence :p

  11. Not too good Shine....not too good...

    Noticed that I am balding n greying....

    Banned the mirror from my life.


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