Wednesday 16 December 2009

Be passionate, its rejuvenating!

Anything that takes you away from stress can be your passion!

Now if you are still cribbing that you could not reach your dream destination, then I would say that you were/are not yet passionate about it! And if you were very passionate about it, but now you feel hopeless about reaching there.. Think again? Is it the reality or is it the truth. I can bet you that further introspection can do the trick.

Loosing track of ones passion, according to me is one the the most dreaded deeds! Many of us are not happy with our profession, end up highly engrossed in it while not missing a single opportunity to crib about it. Off late I too lost track of my passion, the passion to write, the zeal to be able to express myself. And then I was introduced to the world of blogging, and I write whatever I feel like, and pass it on to the minuscule base of my readers. Thank you all for reading it. I feel pleased that the virtual world has made it all possible for me.

So in my own little world where I collect my dreams and aspirations, I have come across a lot of hidden traits in me. I find a lot of things possible today. So this post is particularly about exploring the imprints of our dreams. Is it the world which is making one loose track of our dreams? or is it us who are implicitly accepting to mend our ways to fit into the ideal image for the world?

So why not move out of your couch and explore your hidden talents. It doesn't really matter what profession one is into, a passionate follower will find time and energy spend on it. It could be anything, as simple as building forts in the air to capturing sunsetting calmly in a rowdy city! Drawing a dessert scene to experimenting with calligraphic traits. Making a visit to the old age home to taking long strolls on a weekend. Playing with street dogs to feeding pigeons. Enrolling in a dance class, learning swimming to experimenting in a theatre stage! Travelling, long drives, adventure, sports, yoga, aerobics, music, anything that can bring smile to your face and make you feel that life is not that bad as you thought. Such activities can emerge as your passion!

Author's Note: One should grow-up learning not to live on diagonal ends of a jinxed figure. Its the right time that one should stand up and reach out to his/her passion. And please for god sake don't compare yourself with what your mates have achieved in life, by doing this you are insulting your worth!


  1. Amazing post Shine....Id rate it as one of ur best todate. Both in terms of the way U have written in and for the topic that U have chosen.

    u know Shine, whatever U have written is very close to my heart too...I am a very passionate person. I believe in dreaming and going after them. I generally know of the small things n big things I wanna do in life and I make all the effort possible to do them.

    If I wanna do something which stirs my passion, then usually nothing can stop me. Also Ur right about not comparing ur achievements with ur peers...either ways good or bad...just compare urself with the datum U have set for urself. There are people who are better off than U are and also people who are worse any happiness or sadness which we get from this comparison is a wrong one. If U ever wanna compare, do it with the goals U have set for urself...

    Cheers to ur passionate dreams Shine...hope u fulfil each n every one of them.

  2. Thanks a lot for your comment Samit!! It often gets me going~~

  3. this is a nice post di..
    i believe and agree with what u have written...
    u should follow ur passion and keep on exploring what u can do and create ur new thing.. give yourself time... do what you like that will enhance ur esteem and make you more confident and definite about what you want...
    so keep exploring..
    and flourish and nourish ur hidden talents :)
    all the best.

  4. hey I like the usage of 'flourish and nourish'~~


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