Wednesday 16 December 2009

Blog post ideas!

In a day, with 24 hours or 24x60 minutes or 26x60x60 seconds... (pls do the calculations), whichever ways you would want to consider a day, I come across numerous blog post ideas! And by the time I am sitting in front of a comp, all set to jot a few word to upload on my blog, I am simply black. I am a thousand percent confident, in the backdrop of that amazing blog-post idea, that I will never forget it, but end up loosing track of it. 

So I just thought of putting it on my blog. Yesternight, I has an earth shattering blog post idea. I specifically mentioned to my sister to remind me of the idea the next morning. And the fact that she gets up late I am still not able to figure out whether she remembered the idea or not. 

This blog post is aimed at paying condolences to those amazing blog post ideas that are lost in the hustle-bustle of life. I am so sorry for the ideas that I just could not wrap them in a golden coffin of my virtual world and dump them forever on my blog.

Author's Note: I am waiting for my sister to wake up, so that I may know that status of the self proclaimed earth shattering blog idea :)


  1. Hey Shine,

    Maybe U need a PDA or maybe an E 72...he he he (blush blush...)

    No but seriously...the same happens to me. I forget the topic mostly and in case I do manage to rack my grey cells and remember the topic...I forget the fabulous content that I had thought up while driving the car...

    Sometimes it also happens that i write a post and show the draft to friends and it is rejected out right...

    So join the gang...

  2. hey now u can tell them to me...!! m ur memory chic (chip) :)


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