Friday 1 January 2010

Happy Twenty 10!

This year the Delhi government is geared to host the Commonwealth Games 2010. The year gone registered hike in bus/metro fare, even rickshaw pullers gauge the opportunity by asking for a bit too much. I keep loosing track of petrol, diesel, LPG cost as it kept changing very frequently!

On a personal account, the year gone went great. I am finally looking forward to life. Yes I was upset in 2009, but on retrospection I feel that there was nothing to be upset about! Putting it in simple terms, such feelings exists when one is reaching office at 9:30 and reaching home after twelve hours!

Though its not that the year went really upsetting, I did spend a lot of time with myself and my loved ones, took long walks alone on a weekend. Posted blog posts more often, thought about starting a contemporary dance group.. Just thought about it, nothing concrete came out of it though. You know its the same situation where I day dream and try to gauge the feeling something that does not exist as of now, but under all possibilities its gonna come up some day. 

In 2009 I stuck to my resolution, 'to stop people I know from littering around'. Yup I know two people are smiling, as they have to carry plastic bottles for miles while accompanying me to those long walks, in order to throw it in a dustbin.

Well 2009 was also the year where I happen to witness two theatre plays in which my youngest sister acted. Hey sweets I hope to you you in more such plays in the coming years! So have placed a picture too.

Amongst the accomplishments in 2009, I happen to find my childhood friends, it was memoir of years that just passes like waves in ocean! Love you all, facebook and orkut are beautiful creation of the virtual world!!

Next good thing is Nevitta, my best friend's daughter. She is such a cute baby. I hope that her parents are reading this :). When I first went to meet her, she was mearly a week old and kept sleeping. On other occasions she often pulls my hair or scratches my face.

Another achievement is that I happen to see Omar Abdullah, he is such a hunk and his style is just awesome. I also met the Indian Formula 1 racer Karun Chandok, gotta crush on him too. Yes Joe, Kay, Nish and the likes, I know that you are smiling :). Apart from that I also saw minister Salman Khurshid, self proclaimed environmentalist cum minister Jairam Ramesh, Delhi CM with a hat-trick Sheila Dikshit, celebrity Chef  Sanjeev Kapoor, Nutritionist Shikha Sharma amongst others.

For the coming year, I would stick to the last year's resolution! Try spending more time with my loved ones. Post more blog entries. Keep planning for an entrepreneurial venture. Dance often! Yup I do it when I go home, but winters have got me struck to the quilt. Keep teasing my sister.. as that is my birth-right :p

Not to forget to mention that I don't carry any hard feelings for anyone. I would prefer taking it out then and there!

Author's Note: Happy New Year Twenty 10 to everyone! Please chase your dreams, believe you me 2010 is the right time for that.


  1. hey shine. wat an apt analysis of ur 2009. I wanted to tell you that I am also fond of dancing so if u happen to open an academy then do consider me.
    I have also met Sanjeev Kapoor. so same pinch there.
    All the best for 20 ten

  2. If you wana start a contemporary dance group, do that

    Otherwise u will always blame yourself for not taking decision at the right time

    You should always do things which u like.

  3. hey ya..!! lovely year it has been for me as well..!!!
    and thank u so much for appreciating my plays :)

    and of course you hav a birth-right to tease me :)

    good to know about your every extending crush list as well... ;)
    and yeah i was smiling in the places meant specially for me.. like "carry a bottle for miles in search of dustbin " and "omar is a hunk"..

    hmm good going.. keep it up..

    hope you meet more n more good people this year onwards..
    may you and your life shine always (as your name)
    have a great life ..
    lots of love

  4. thank u shine from nevitta's side... and i'll make sure she will read it ones she is able to... rest liked reading ur blog... it is giving a posetive vibe... all the best and keep smiling throughout ur life

  5. @Jas - Sure, I will consider you for dance!! Ive been a big fan of urs since school!! Same pinch for Sanjeev Kapoor and all the very best for ur life
    @Kundan - I also like my blog, so please comment generously here :p
    @Pari - also pray that I keep meeting lotsa hunks ;)
    @Nevitta - Cute baby god bless you!
    @Khayati - u too stay happy love ya loads!

  6. it seems like year 2009 was one of the most happening year for u, best of luck for 2010

    and thanks for introducing me to the world of blogs and theatre ....... i personally count these two forms of arts
    as a most effective way to express emotions and skills in meaning full ways

  7. I like the fact that U made resolutions and kept them...and that U made resolutions for the new year...which I am sure U will keep...

    I have also made a resolution of my own...just one...which if I keep, everything else will fall in place...

    Happy new year 2010

  8. Good post!!! As usual I like your blog and it was refreshing reading your post while having lunch in my cube(that's the only time I get for reading)

    Don't give up dancing even though it's cold in Delhi.

  9. @Vikas - U welcome dude.. As I have been tellin u.. Keep finding ur passion, and once you find it stick to it. God bless ya. Stay happy always :)

    @Samit - I feel that most of the times ppl keep new year resolutions with an intent to break them.. as they are humongous tasks, so I try keeping resolutions that I am able to follow. Neways you didnt write nethin on ur resolution for this year.. wats it??

    @ Maasi - Its a refreshing delight to have ur comment on my blog!! I will soon write joe's play review to this.

  10. "Not to forget to mention that I don't carry any hard feelings for anyone. I would prefer taking it out then and there!"---although these were your last lines for this blog, but it adds whole new meaning to what you have achieved from 2009 and subsequently wants to take henceforth in 2010.

    BABES(i often call her...hehehe), grow up!! You just can't pin down a nail through a diamond.

    When you let go things you just let them go. i often heard people saying that they moved on in life and after a second thought they say, life is like so stagnant, everything seems like it has stopped somewhere. there is no moving-on stopping-by scenarios in life.

    take everyday as it comes, resolutions may work.
    hypothetically everything works untill you want them to work.

    ITS "U" who makes the difference everyday. Believe in "I"

    NOTE:- its hard to comment on anyone work esp writing. i hope this year you will surely understand this fact.

  11. Love you too shine.. And it was so lovely to get u guys back, to freshen up all memories, to relive the childhood back. :)

    Wonderfully written post.
    Happy twenty ten to you, pari, karnika, ofcourse to all your readers too.
    @ Pari missed your play that day, the stage in the picture here is so exotic. Wish u luck for more and upcoming plays.

    love you guys.
    God bless you :)

  12. Happy new year to you too Shine..
    I am the one who makes a resolution every year and forget it by the end of the month. I hope it doesn't happen this time..

    Ur resolution is helping the city darling :)

  13. Quit India...sorry Quit smoking....


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