Wednesday 13 January 2010

Happy Lohri

First of all Happy Lohri to all... I know you al would be reading it a day after, but still better late than never!

Its coming a bit late but I have celebrated the festival today! I simply love this festival coz, its a feel of warmth in cold january night. Bonfire, pop corns, peanuts, rewari, gajak and the rituals that my mum follows the next day marks the beginning of the new year for me in true spirits! The sundar mundariye song, dance, roof top late night party all are just related to the festivities of Lohri! Taking rounds of the bonfire, and making a wish has always been a ritual for me. I get a high during this festival with the true punjabi spirit!

I feel its the cleanest of festivals, overlooking the pollution caused by the bon fire. Diwali clogs my respiratory track as I am allergic to pollution, and during holi I prefer staying indoor coz I dont want a water baloon to hit me on the head, leaving me wondering if I am hit, though I just admire the spirit with which all festivals are celebrated.

Author's Note: Happy Lohri!


  1. Shine,

    I have a bad eyesight since birth. Tried correcting it. Am still trying. Try n support my cause Mam...give me some large font, or send me software that can read what is there n the screen....

    Seriously though, I luv Lohri too....the only festival I can truly say that I luv...

  2. there can be a different spiritual and cultural reasons to admire a festival but lohri in its true sense always remind me the spirit of social togetherness and carefree natures of Punjabi's

  3. Hi Shine,
    Lohri is my favorite festival too and am missing bonfire...may be next year we will celebrate together !!!!

  4. @ Vikas - I agree with you. Lohri bring along a nostalgic feeling each year!

    @ Massi - I too wish that we celebrate it together, and am sure that Saumya will enjoy it too~~

  5. this year my lohri was awesome i celebrated it with some friends in hostel, had a blast in the dance session :)
    happy lohri to all...


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