Wednesday 6 January 2010

Yahoodi Ki Larki

Play: Yahoodi Ki Larki
Script: Agah Hashmi Kashmiri
Director: Hema Singh
Screened on: December 24-25, 2009

Plot: The play was written in the 1930s, where the story dates back to medivial times and a love tale in the backdrop of hatred amongst Jews and Romans.

Review: It stars with a glittery entry of Desia, Roman princess who is about to marry the prince. Her attire speaks volumes about her character, who is madly in love with with the Prince of Roman Kingdom, Mansiya/Marcus. On the other hand, Mansia romances around with the Jewish 'Rahil', he fakes his identity in order to spend sometime with the girl. 

It aptly gathers the Roman atrocities on Jewish civilization, the typical communal drama where a self respecting minority fight back wrong judgements, on human rights grounds. Please note here that no human rights NGO was established at that time. 

What I could gather from the play was, a girl fighting with the Roman kingdom, for a betrayed love, and then taking aback. The prince, who is likely to become the king of the empire, is standing by redundant thoughts of the society. Ideally being the king, being a hero.. he should have fought. The climax is rather melodramatic, where Rahil learns from her father that she was born of a Roman parents, and he just took care of her.  

At last the Princess and Rahil sharing getting along happily with the guy!

Author's Note: On acting account, the play was very well directed and coordinated. However, nothing that justifies the sensibilities of Generation Y was there. But then the play was written back in 1930s, so someone who is into history would find it.

P.S: My sister played the lead character  'Rahil' in the play! Proud of you sis~~


  1. Great that I saw the play in real as I can relate better.

    It was a nice play and your sister acted really well. I still wonder how she managed to learn all those complicated dialogues :)

    I enjoyed both the play and ur post.

    Keep writing!!

  2. yepppppiiiiiiieeeeee...!!!
    i am the first one to comment...
    love ya...!!!

  3. No sweets!!
    Nish was the first.. U are amongst the first though :)
    Lov u too~~

  4. Well I may not be the first to comment but I think I may have left the most comments on ur blog... What say Shine?

    Thanks to Nish, I got an opportunity to see the play. And thanks to both of U, I atleast understood a little bit of the play. Thanks to both of U for giving me the translations so frequently.

    I am really in awe of ur sis...How could she possibly ever comprehend and then remember and then deliver all those complicated dialogs with such elan and poise whereas I could not make head or tail even after she delivered them so perfectly :P

  5. @ Samit - Her performance was really something outlandish!! She left me all the more proud of her~~

  6. thank u shine didi.. muuuuuuuaaaaaaahhhhhhh :)
    love ya loads


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