Friday 22 January 2010

Vintage Cars

As I am one of the potential owners of Vintage car in future, and I herewith start with a brief account on it. Its just once that I got to see a vintage car, at hotel Le Meridian. It is said that the owner of the hotel takes it out on the road once a month. But I was an ardent lover of vintage long back. I remember hooking to the Television when a vintage car rally took up from Delhi to Jaipur. The look, fancy colour and flamboyant style is a reminder of the era gone by and the era which I would like to live. 

Vintage cars are defined as the car build long back during the transition era of the automobile industry, till the end of World War I. Passionate followers collect these cars and show it in museums like pro Bono Publico, a private vintage car museum with more than 70 vintage cars, is located in Mehraulli, NCR Delhi, an hours drive from Delhi. The cars showcased here include series of vintage Buicks, Cadillacs, Chevrolets, Austins, Mercedes, Pacards, Jaguar, an ancient dodge, an Alpha Romeo, a vintage Studebaker, a Pierce Arrow, and rare Belgian Minerva. Ahmedabad and Udaypur also house renowned vintage car museums in India. 

The affluent section of the society has the craze to own one or more! Understanding that vintage section is a crowd puller, this year the AutoExpo 2010 had a separate segment for vintage beauties. Unfortunately I could not pay a visit to the expo, but had been excited about the fact that vintage segment is being displayed. 

My affection for vintage cars can also be attributed to the fact that when I was born, my dad took me home on his delighted possession cetroen, way back some 25 years! He kept it for a good number of years and then I don't know wheres that car. It looked something like the pic above here!

Author's Note: Now that one of my best friend has questioned my liking vintage cars, I happen to dedicate a post to the topic. Yes dude the feeling of vintage is as beautiful as the word.


  1. Well. The dexterity of the writing skills for Vintage cars in such short note really adds a value to reader's point of view, even if he/ she is least aware of the subject knowledge... By the way shine, where has your CAR gone ??? Even you are not the proud owner of Vintage cars at present, that shows how inquisitive you are for the vintage cars,hope so in near future you might be in the list of persons owing the same....

  2. Well m not a big fan of vintage car or even any particular car. Any car for me will do but it has to be a car. i appreciate that being a honest fan u actually dedicated a blog for ur passion and able to gather so much information abt the same. I didnt know all this bt it was thoroughly informative. i cn see that ur room would be filled of posters of no actor or rockstar bt of vintage cars :)

  3. @Nilesh - I really have no clue about that car, thanks for understanding my admiration of vintage automobiles.

    @Jas - well my room is full of ethnic stuff, and ur comment has brought me the idea of finding a poster of a vintage beauty. Thanks for appreciating my effort, but my friend Ravi should be complimented for this post, as his question brought me the idea of posting somethin of this sort.

  4. Phew..lot of gyan in this post...I like the reseatch U have done for this post or maybe U already knew all this.

    But this post has sure got me interested, and I might just make a trip to that museum you have mentioned.

    My Dad had a vintage scooter and I learnt driving on that...He had a car too which was nearly vintage but I got him to sell it before it got really vintage....and yes what memories I have of that car. My Dad sent it to me when I was in college and what fun me and my friends had. Most of those guys learnt driving on that....We used to push it to start...then jump in....Oh those were the days.

  5. A very informative article from a potential vintage car owner, i would love to read more articles like this in future , some of the car makers mentioned buy you are quite new for me and i doubt they are still in the business or not , specially the one in which you enjoyed your first ride after your birth

  6. rajan a.k.a Rth@ng>>A+27 January 2010 at 22:01

    well Ms. shine, impressed by the article on vintage cars. U have indeed scratched the well hidden aspect in a todays youths mind, the things which he or she might remember and would want to talk about but somehow are always ignored and kept aside. I am a fan of vintage cars but would rather make them into hot rods rather than keepin them as they are but i liked the aspect that u have brought up highlighting that we have all grown up and are so busy in our day 2 day life that we dont even wanna touch such questions that we have in our mind and ask any 1..

  7. @ Samit - those are the days.. I also had a vintage cycle.. I learned riding bicycle on it ;P.. But beyond jokes, those were the days.. I wish I could relive them again!

    @ Vikas - Hmm so you liked the post! I have decided to post frequently, and hope you will find stuff which will interest you :D

    @ Rajan - Thanks for appreciating.. I stll feel that I have too many things to talk about, u will definitely find associated with it :)

  8. hmmm...VINTAGE CARS....what all I can say about them is that the feeling of vintage is not only as beautiful as the word...its far beyond that...:)


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