Tuesday 5 January 2010


It took me a while to recollect dialing for ambulance. Dial 100! No that’s police... 107! Fire brigade. For ambulance its 102... I think so... yes. But damn no one is picking it up! I moved out of the room looking for the warden, each step left blood marks on the floor. I wanted to locate the warden. I just did not know how to reach; this was the first time when I felt so confused. My mate attempted suicide, and I had not one around to help me. Most of the girls went home during diwali, and we were the unfortunate ones, to be stuck on work. Me and Prachi work in the same office and are the best of friends! Not being able to locate anyone to help, I controlled my trembling hands and dialled eight times two. The service got me connected to ambulance service of a private hospital. The ambulance reached within 15 minutes, and we got her inside the cab. Now I am waiting for the doctors to update me about her status...

Author's Note: This is again a story with an open ended ending!

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