Thursday 21 January 2010

Self Realisation

You have two options:

- To be a part of an excellent profession, as a mediocre
- To excel in a mediocre profession

My sister was into a self realisation session yesterday and I feel proud to have such people around me, their attitude keep to hooked to scaling new heights in life. So its a family heredity to get into self actualisation sessions. 

On excelling, I feel that reaching perfection in cases where excellence is sort of a whim.  I am told that when Sanjeev Kapoor; the celebrity chef, big time goofed up his CAT exam, his friend suggested:
"Its good to excel in a mediocre profession, than to be a mediocre in an excellent field ~ courtesy 'G ya Joe'!"

Many more examples of such valuable achievements exists, like Galilio, Einstine, Amitabh Bachchan etc!

Author's Note: At times when excellence is not possible try to be a perfectionist. It counts!


  1. I totally agree with the latter option as it delivers more confidence and motivation to the person.

    It is very important to excel in whatever you do to justify your capability.

  2. Hmm as usual... a confusing post for me.

    Id just put it simply. If U accept a job, do it to the best of your capability..otherwise just say No.

    Slowly one gets used to the idea of perfection and excels in whatever he does.

  3. realization also implies the problem solving abilities.. few people don't know what are there talents and hidden traits . we realize them somehow somewhere when something clicks our mind...!!!
    and in the course of time when they are exploring themselves and looking for success (which is very subjective term)they make many goof ups. but whatever it is go for it and do it with all your efforts, give your best and as anyone on earth you too have a unique talent keeping hitting at your creative head till you dig out the thing that satisfies you the most....!!!
    live life to the fullest.
    achieve the heights you desire .!!
    love ya .

    *and keep writing things related to me ;)

  4. @Nish - confidence is the key to excellence, thats what I have learned ;)

    @ Samit - what u have put here is just the right way! Thanks for completing this post in simple terms.

  5. well! i think anyone can to any thing, there is no limit! unless you give up.
    its up to you what you consider as an excellent field and be the perfectionist in it or surrender to your "not so strong" will power by giving up.
    perseverance is the key to success..


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