Monday 8 March 2010

Happy Women's Day

A few points to note this year on Women's Day, but before I starting typing them down, lemme be a bit generous to wish all the ladies out there a very Happy Women's Day. For me the best women are my moma, sisters, and all my lady friends!

Well has it been really 'a Happy day'? Let me outline the first one as UN Asia-Pacific Human Development Report. The report brings forth that the condition of women worse in Asia, as compared to the rest of the world. The report also outlines that women earn less as compares to their male counterparts. The report's concern with the absence of a female voice in the Asia-Pacific’s political systems was strengthened by the harassment of Indian Vice President Hamid Ansari with torn pieces of women's reservation bill of 30% in parliament in the Upper House of parliament. The first thought that crossed my mind was are these bunch ill-mannered of people holding seats at Rajya Sabha? I am sure I am gonna cast my vote under section 49(O) for the coming few years.

The first Oscar award to a lady director, Kathryn Bigelow for her movie 'The Hurt Locker' . This certainly an achievement! Anything that comes first at Oscars makes news, be it Rehman being the first India to fetch an award, or Bollywood movies like Laagan, Taare Zameen Par getting nominated under an insignificant category. But on retrospection, was their really no even a single women director worthy of the Academy Awards (known as Oscars) whose 1st ceremony took place way back in 1929. Is it only after close to 81 editions that someone could qualify for it?

Author's Note: For me, I acknowledged that its the Women's day only after I wished a colleague Happy Birthday and wished me Happy Women's Day. Then another friend calling up to wish! Late at night my college sweetheart messaged me, it was then that I felt that all the significant ladies have to be wished, and I quickle bulk sms'd to them!

PS: I don't think that women need a day to convey that we can do it better, be it the parliament, Oscars, Household or corporate!


  1. true.i completely agree with you.
    2 days of voices raised all over, ohh its women's day and 1st lady director won

    oscar, ohh its women's day and 30% reservation bill and all crap. wat abt other

    363 days of the yr.
    great post, well done.

  2. Happpy women's day to you too darling.
    @ dil chahta hai... well what about other 364 or 363 days of the year? well we dedicate one day to uurself n celebrate our birthdays once an year in those 365 days, anniversaries once an year in those 365 days, there are different celebrations or dedications in an year. Even if we respect and love our mothers or sisters or friends whole year and celebrate with them, whats the harm in dedicating one day to all women in our lives who made the world special for us in those 365 days??
    A happy women's day to all the ladies in your family too.. :)

  3. Happy women's
    but lets come up to practical world dat celebrating a day or wishing does'nt make Women Happy.
    on 09.03.10 their was a survey at BBC which was somthing shocking.
    1 out of 4 ppl think dat women are meant to be stayed at home.
    So, its a long journey to make women happy.

    As an individual we may not make women Happy buit surely we can make women of our family happy so even if we can't do for mass we shld be their for ours.

    We Men Are Nothing Without U WOMEN
    n its a fact a bitter fact.

  4. hmm had women not been their all the men would have been Gay (happy)


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