Thursday 11 March 2010

Brainy Men!

Brainy men less likely to cheat, for more details read this. New analysis of social trends indicates that intelligent place greater value on monogamy and sexual exclusivity than their less intelligent peers. The expert claims that the correlation between intelligence and monogamy in men has its origins in evolutionary development. Hmm, well for all those loony hearts who feel face the unbearable philandering partners should dump them and look-out for an intelligent prospect. While those who have already dumped those polygamous male partners, can reassert their facts that the guy was a dumb!

Chronicwriter has come-up with his 399th post on sex education, a worth scroll! 

Author's Note: I am these days enticed to write on relationship. Seems I am soon gonna hop on to a new professional venture to develop content on relationship issues.

PS: The research profiled here does not applies to women :D


  1. You know dear the person who cheats in love or cheats with his partner always fell sorry for the rest of life. Its true because he or she will always miss some thing or other about him or her.

    According to me cheating with your partner means cheating with himself.

  2. Thx for commenting Kundanzzz~~~


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