Tuesday 16 March 2010

Blabber! Oops Blogger~

Although I never felt like putting my everyday chorus on this blog, (by now all the dedicated followers of my blog know I have a personal blog for that ;P), but today I wish to try my hands at it.

I herewith plan to feature a usual day of an unusual blabber! Oops Blogger~~

This stared with an early morning day, packed with meeting over coffee, luncheon briefings(read in the pantry with ofcourse Nish)! I get up after one hour of snoozing alarm, on both the cell phones! As I need to catch-up with the beauty packed sleep. Rush to brush, bathe, get ready and sip into whatever is available to break the night-long fast.

The moment I step out of home, there is an awakening of a feminist inside me. A contradiction of ideologies over reaching office in time or should I fight with that moron, well whatever that is... Now all you guys know why am I mostly late for office.

Well, after a grilling day in office come a mirror-showing moment. Your beloved blogger still manage to look stunning! Well the proof for this come as people sharing contact details by reciting their phone number 9177 ~~ something louder than they ideally would have. Wish I noted his number and put it here!

It was fine to acknowledge my good looks, but that stingy A** got a bad stare, and a clear signal to brush off otherwise the feminist will take on. Besides such sweet acts just make my day!

Author's Note: This post is dedicated to all the blabbers out there! Brush up your skills people, Blabbering is flourishing the creative industry today~


  1. LoL.. I know the story of that bugger who tried acting smart. It's okay if you couldn't note his number as there is always a next time :)


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