Wednesday 10 March 2010

Defining Flirt....

Of-late, I have been bugging my sister by seeking definition of flirting. After consistent questions and her un-fazed expressions I was tempted to of course google it. And that followed asking my friend as to what do they mean by flirting?

Ravs after initial  bugging predictable pata nahi, followed by a of-course a Google search stated, flirting is a common form of social interaction whereby one person obliquely indicates a romantic or sexual interest towards another. Rav intends to change the entire dating system in India, and seek invitations from gals to take him out on date. Not me dude unless you take me on a long drive in your new pulsar :p

Sharing an extensive insight, Abhi who has been crazy for a gal for more than 2 years. He wants that the gal should know that he is a decent man. While the gal feels that he is an angry young man. His idea goes like, 'there are many forms of flirting like acting over smart, trying to initiate a talk, this happens at the initial stages. But when you know the person for a considerable amount of time, then compliments like nice nail paint, hair etc matter, followed by telling that you look gorgeous amounts to flirting. Though Abhi outlines that flirting is a negative connotation.

Vibs says that it depends on an individual's perspective. Sucking out seriousness from relationship amounts to flirting. While he believes that flirting is the first step toward firming up relationship, if considering a long term perspective.

Coming on to a girl's perspective, Shesha said flirting is playful romance for temporary period. On asking if flirting is short lived, she agrees saying that if a guy with genuine intentions try getting close to a gal and if his intentions are true and not temporary, the act may not called as flirting.

Psychology student Ritu says, that the word come across something negative. Its hip for the youth while if we consider the societal perspective its something negative. Being a brimming face of tomorrow's young India she feels that its uncool to flirt! True intentions should prevail, as the concept's misuse, end up emotionally weak people insecure and depressed.

While Nish, who is in bed trying to recuperate from fever believes that flirting cannot be tagged as something wrong. Its wrong if it is adopted with a teasing or time pass approach.

The brilliant self proclaimed ideological guru, the author of this blog, Ms Kapoor after this survey care to point out that flirting has been largely perceived as a negative connotation. Healthy flirting is fine, it should not be such that one get into relationship after flirtatious deeds just for fun, this was echoed by all the female participants in the survey. The findings of this quick survey also reveal that both the genders give their due credit to serious facets of flirting. Its a two-faced sword!

Author's Note: Readers are welcome to put their understanding of flirt via comments. People quoted here can add further by contributing comments. 


  1. Great survry
    with conclusion dat flirting is negative.
    I would like to say all those ppl who say or think dat flirting is first step to bound the relationship is totally wrong,
    In flirting u r pre determined dat only for a time pass u would like take partner,u wil try to influence wid the thing which he /she likes only to get control over her/his emotions n once done u wil dump the person.

    Gud work Shine

  2. @ Abhi - Thanks for the comment...
    Well I agree to the statement that flirting is the first step to get close to someone, its not that one has be be really stingy, but nice healthy flirting can make anyone's day.. I also believe that Flirting isnt a negative word, but is perceived to be negative..

  3. No Shine
    the first step to get close to some 1 is Only Friendship.
    which is never bias n at a same time taking care of urs.
    A flirty person will nevr do this

  4. Abhi - Ur misunderstanding the word... flirting isn't a negative concept. People flirt even in serious relationships with their partners. Its just that people tag ditchers as flirt and this idea is goin on and one..

  5. Now appears a comment from the Bond!

  6. I believe that flirting can be healthy - as long as you're taking the energy you're building and putting it back into your relationship. An important facts on flirting - 8 out of 10 women love flirting at work. 83 % of those surveyed said that male colleagues had made a pass at them. Of those, only 1% had lodged a complaint, 43 % felt flattered and 26% laughed it off while 30% made a date. WOW! That's what I like to hear and hear it I did via a survey of 2,000 women aged between 18 to 35. The survey was done by new woman online magazine.

  7. Thanks for such an insightful information.. Flirting at work or not, here goes the link

  8. I dont c flirting as negative, until its in limit and the other person is also enjoying the playful attitude and non harmful jokes by the opposite sex. But when the other person is serious while the first one is playful and ends up in hurting the sentiments the flirting becomes a negative act.
    PS. its good to be the part of such a vast and interesting survey! Nice work and research in the post! keep it up!! enjoyed it..

  9. Well Thnx Shesha..
    I am aghast as to how could I write on a topic like 'flirt' but hope I have kept it composite and an interesting read post the quick survey..

  10. nice survey, but still not a clear one, like the limit of flirting, and how one could know the other person likes it or not,but still a nice one,,,,,,,

  11. Well this post has invited a lot of comments!!

    @Ravish - this post is meant to define the word, as I too did not know the exact meaning :D
    Limit of flirting depends on the response of the person!


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