Wednesday 30 March 2011

India Pakistan head on!

Before the match.. And a few observations:

Today India and Pakistan will take on each other at World Cup 2011 Semifinal match in Mohali. Whoever wins will secure a place in the finals scheduled for 2nd March 2011. Srilanka won yesterday against New Zealand, and is a formal contender at the finals..

I am positive that India will win~~ India has a track record of beating Pakistan during world cups.. This will be no exception. India is a strong team as it has beated Australia at the quarter finals.

Sport brings foes together.. Dr Manmohan Singh and Pakistan’s counterpart will be seated in the same pavilion.

Locals in Mohali have been giving warm hospitality to guests coming from across the border.

My office pays solidarity to the Indian cricket team, most of us are in Blue and Orange attire. And those who missed are liable to penalty. And we have an evening party.

News all over exclaiming, Indian Muslims pray for Indian team.. Big deal.. huh. Do we actually need to reiterate that those who are Indians will side by their own country. Every Indian is praying for Team India.

This is the time when I realized that I would love to watch sport in stadium.. Anyone with the tickets.? I have been following radio channels to win ticket for the upcoming IPL 4.

pS: i wIsh tO loAd poSt  afTeR tHe deClaraTion Of mAtch rEsult! Cheers. i wRotE tHiS posT tO gIVe a prE-mAtcH sTaTe aboUt a declaRatIve legenDaRY plAY oFf.

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