Friday 25 March 2011

Common (Cyber) Sense

Any deal based on an outright lie will come back to haunt you...... and a complete narration a bit of research on the ongoing unrest in the middle east. I have to keep myself updated with the current affairs, its not that I have to chase any deadline! It comes naturally to me.

My eyes were itchy and I decided to give myself some relief with a glass of icy cold coffee. Yes cold coffee in winters! I know how to do it, step inside the kitchen and put together all the stuff, while pretending that you dont really acknowledge anyone else's presence. Mom unverbal nags must have started by now... You see, I know my mom will nag me, but I get a kick with a cold punch smouldering through me! Done.. I managed to do it by avoiding eye contact with mum and seeking today's newspaper.

Many NRIs from the gulf are coming back. I thinking about the India-Pakistan partition. Just a signature by Nehru and consent of Mahatma Gandi divided the country into two. And my ancestors who were well setteled were suppose to come to India. I always wanted to know how did it feel during partition, I wanted the first hand narration. But to my despair, I do not have anyone to sit with me on the terrace at night and talk about the partition. I have managed to get the information in bits and pieces. I google about the places of my ancestoral origin. Facebook connects me to people with similar interests and I had many virtual friends.

Prayag was one of them. We never missed chatting at least once a day, and I never wanted that day to end. He too seem to be too eager to chat with me, I felt like a teenaged girl madly in love with a rock star. He actually was a rock star, atleast fits into my defination of a rockstar. I knew that whenever he would confess his love to a girl, it would be under the moonlight, on a beach and he would compose a song and strum the guitar. I knew this much coz it had been really a lot of time, something like 6 months, approximately 178 days of chatting everyday, without fail.

I wanted to take this forward and decided to meet him. But no wonder, its only commonsense that one finds cons on the virtual world, its full of liars. Knowing that people lie online, I would be a fool to fall for him.

PS: I know those who are die heart believers in love would differ.. I am not :p

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