Tuesday 12 July 2011

Stepping 27!

I have stepped up the ladder, now I am 27!

I am not gonna grow up, I will remain stubborn, and will keep making weird sounds while you talk, I love to make crazy faces etc for all the coming years! 

Thanks for all the wishes, belated advance and on-time.. All of them are cherished and has brought even bigger smile on my face. To make it keyword friendly... I am compelled to write Happy Birthday to me.. Thanks for the Birthday Wishes.. bla bla bla.. credited to the social media workshop held by my organisation, I am all gaa gaa over making me an influential voice as a youth expert, yea I like the word, 'YOUTH EXPERT'! Fashion, style, travel etc all have been explored by my fellow buddies.. So this birthday I take a resolution to be a youth expert blogger! 

Last year I wanted my facebook status to read something like, Shine is in a relationship, I know it will bring sleepless nights to many! May be thats why nothing seemingly conceptualized! I did not find a single guy worth dating, which reaffirmed my faith in the saying that that all nice men are taken or gay.. 

But now its not about the time, its about the right guy! Someone who would just hop on the terrace of my house, manage to cross all the hurdled and locks to reach my room, which is in basement and take me away.. a secret place, a sweet escape, take me away (I love this song)! I wanna be with someone with crazy rockstar attitude, a man not a confused lad!

Since I did not find anyone last year, I plan to take the hunk hunt forward! I am willing to wait till eternity for my man..  People telling me the factors which should be considered while choosing a guy should just take a walk. I know what kinda guy I wanna spend my life with, your versions confuse me!

To end with, note a few things which will for sure bring a smile to you.. if not smile than a loud laugh, nothing less than that!

- Shine stepped out of her house and found a known vendor passing a gesture of appreciation to her, which can easily be translated as eve teasing. It seem that the vendor did not realise that this is the same girl who ends messing up the eve teasers and landing 'em in jail. As soon as the vendor realised that it is Shine, he knew he has been caught and Shine is looking at him with a questioning expression??? After that the vendor never looked up at Shine! 

- Shine was traveling in a crowded metro as a security personnel entered with a sniffing dog. Shine is kinda scared of dogs, and this lad stepped on her and practically sitting on Shine's foot. And a gal standing next to Shine was telling shine not to step on dog's tail. And the metro driver was not driving pretty smooth. The moment doors open Shine jumped out of the metro! Gosh that was relief! ppphewww

PS: Blogger is planning a comeback.. I am sorry my dear blog to not been able to spend time with you!

Author's note: Finding the right pic is a  task errrrr


  1. an absolute treat.. a free flowing post.. and what i loved about it.. it was running smoothly hopping around playfully.. Well yes yes yes.. its not about the age.. and waiting for a right kind of guy the one whom u want is the key to a successful relationship and life.. :D I wish u all the luck and pray to God to guide ur prince charming which road to ride through to reach u asap without any further delays.. :)
    u are a known name, a gabbar whose stories are popular among eve teasers "beta shana na ban, varna gabbar jail bhijwa dega" ;) Best amongst the lot..
    Shine all the best for everything that matters to u most.. :)

  2. Thanks Shesha...
    Wish the best for you too~


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