Tuesday 20 December 2011

Facebook Stalkers and Me

I never entertain facebook friend requests by strangers.. But there is no dearth of facebook stalkers and those people who repeatedly send you friend requests despite your declining it... On that note, I just realized that I have some fodder for my blog, leaving you here to read the messages that reach on "Facebook - Message - Other" link (these messages are sent by people who are out of your network, i.e. you don't have any mutual friend)..

I respect everyone's individuality so don't ask for their identity.. But you will get to read my reactions to these messages....

Message: Hey hi, I just gone through ur pics and profile and liked it very much, its nice. Can v b frends, if u dnt mind? Pls reply.
Reaction: Shine wonders if this is a marriage proposal? Even if it had been one, Shine would have declined it  :-/... AND YES I DO MIND

Message: nice profile..can i knw u and be ur frnd..myself a CA by proff and like making frnds
Reaction: Whoaaaa I just learnt that making friends is a trait that is comparable to being a CA by profession

Message: hello shine nice pic.. well i am neeraj working with MNC as analyst at gurgaon...like travelling, listening to music so can v b frnd
Reaction: What is he trying to tell me? Is he saying that since he likes travelling and listening to music, I should be his friend.... 

Message: hi, ur very gorgeous,, cn v b frnz ? 97118*****79.. plz reply karna
Reaction: I wish I could bring to your notice that all buggers who call on my mobile get their number circulated amongst gangsters of Ramjas College.. These gangsters have many sim cards, and they has a passion for competing with these buggers, as to who bugs the best.... Anyways I am yet to decide on what to do with those who leave their numbers in my facebook inbox... 

Message: do looks nice. a natural tinge of subtle beauty in there..
Reaction: Nice... This is a compliment, though I see grammatical error

Message: How r u doing mate ? amazing smile u have got ... sum1 will be really lucky to see it for rest of his life .... keep it up.. You must b the cutest frnd suggestion FB ever gave me are you working with google 2 ?
Reaction: Blush Blush....

Message: hi , pl add me as ur frnd. i saw ur pic, very beautiful u r. can we be good frnds. i m B.Tech.+M.Tech. working as engineer in ghaziabad. u can contact me at 081***14355. if u dont mind. waiting 4 sweet reply. bye.
Reaction: This one seems to be stalking me on facebook 

Author's Note: Readers are welcome to post their reactions...
PS: I have written a few incomplete posts, shall post them soon.. Love you all, but my blog the most :)


  1. I loved this one...gave me a suugestion to pick some from my inbox too and share the response ;) :P


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