Tuesday 4 January 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Everything comes with an expiry term, so did 2010, here comes an account of last year and the resolutions for 2011 etc!

The advent of new years was greeted with being with my maasi, mausaji and my sisters! What were we doing.. well it was all palm reading, chit chatting and discussing life! I tossed off to sleep by 3:30 or so... 

Amongst the bestest things happened to me in 2010 was meeting Saumya.. This is the second time when meeting someone for the first time casted a beautiful impression on my mind. The first time was when I met Pari at the hospital when she was born. I remember how much I wanted to have a sister, now we are the self proclaimed power puffed girls! Coming back to Saumya, who ran to me, hugged me and said I love you Shine Didi! I will never forget this meeting, perhaps for the lifetime.

I felt all the more rejuvenated during the last week of 2010. During this time I realised that I wanted a change, everyone does. Don't you feel that monotony kills.. It does, it rots you from inside, hijacks your creativity and keep singing sad song!

Another important facet about 2010 was Diksha's winter visit, I remember all that I was scared of was what if she catches fever.. Her parents will never allow her to visit us again. Thankfully she went back home in the best of health.

Other things that made 2010 special were weekend cycling during the rainy days, listening to music all night long, evening walks and bargaining!

Considering the resolution bit, I resolve to avoid loosers! Thanks everyone, who made me feel important. I will enjoy my singlehood! and do everything possible to make my life all the more better! And yes, not to forget mentioning my lovely blog.. Brace up guys to read some more posts! 


  1. Its very simple man when u stay in touch with family,the biggest of scared and sorrows goes away.
    So remember family is biggest strength.
    As far as ur's single-hood is matter,then dear no fear,some 1 is definitely will be their only 4 u.

  2. Happy New Year To Your blog and this lovely post to start an year with.. And Cheers to Powet Puff Girls.. Love you and Happy Merry and wonderful 2011 :)

  3. @ Abhishek: Why do you always come back to me reaffirming that I will find a guy??? You gotta tell me...

    @ Shesha: Love you too sweets!! Wish you and your family a very happy new year!! Bingo~~

  4. Happy New Year!

    I love that picture!

    It's so true. The only thing that we assume is ahead is another 365 days.

  5. That's the only way u can come out of ur single-hood,and its must that gud girl gets a gud guy.


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