Sunday 3 April 2011

'Ifs and Buts'.. India Won

~In the end, winner is the one with the cup.. India Won! Team India Rocks~

I know.. Who said what! Some were pessimist, actually negativity of hard wired in the minds of us, Indians. If not negativity, then a sheer sense of insulting others (in case of match with Pakistan).

In this case I admire Gautam (not Gautam Gambhir) the hero! Gautam is the boy who pained himself with tricolour and sat through each of the match, cheering for the team. Those who have followed the match must have noticed him. After winning the cup, Sachin called him to the dressing room and clicked a picture with Gautam holding the cup. I did my bit by sporting the Indian flag on my T-shirt!

And as promised by me, if India wins I will declare my love to Zaheer Khan. I hereby declare that I Love Zaheer Khan. I have got to tell this to him before he gets married. I love his balling, the way he speaks, his intense expressions and cool composure, his walking, his fielding and his batting. I hope I am not missing on something? Well I am perhaps missing the reality, and that is he is taken. I have sweared that I will never run after taken men. And this hunk is taken.

So what if he is taken. We have better options, namely Virat Kohli, Suresh Raina, I hope they aren't taken.

Ok enough of heart talks! The fact is the nation came on streets and celebrated the home coming of the World Cup, after 28 years. In 1983 Kapil Dev got it home.

This time each of the team member contributed. The team has dedicated the cup was to the nation, they say they have won it for Sachin. I am not sad about Sreesanth's performance, perhaps his loose bowling stiffed up the fielders, or the Indian batsmen who had to chase seemingly a little impossible score, and braced themselves from the very start. A round of applause for Gautam Gambhir, who contributed 97 runs for the team.

About Yuvraj's crying a bucketful of tears, I would exult that he has pasted a hard slap on the faces of critics. Yuvraj, you made us proud, and your credentials are all the more appreciated by being conferred the title of 'Man of the Tournament'.


Those unsolicited expert commentators, better shut up. People who are on the ground are the best of you all. Had this not been the case, then the situation must have been otherwise.

No prize for guessing that the entire nation will carry the hangover till the next tournament.

Author's Note: I an against criticisers. True, one lets the best come up when criticised, Yuvraj did. But many must have succumbed to the emotional trauma. It was an emotional upheaval for not just Yuvraj, but the team.

If one has noticed, they all collected on the ground and shed a tear or two.

Happy tears for the achievement, or just a sense of gratification for being able to hit hard the criticisers.

PS: Good times become good memories, and bad times become good lessons.

Team Australia: Overconfidence can knock you down. It did.
Team Pakistan: Thanks for being a sport for the game
Team Sri Lanka: hmm nothing to say really. Good play!

Team India: The Team Rocks.. Jee karta hai sarkoo pe zoor se gaoon, sab aapne ghar ki khirkii kholen (I wanna sing loud on roads so that everyone open their window)

PPS: It would be really very hard to find Gary Kristan's replacement.

Love the Indian Cricket Team... Hope we can now move beyond the 'ifs and buts'!

I had to edit the post to commend Dhoni.. your cool composure make you unique!  


  1. it wil be difficlut to get Sachin's replcanment as well.what a match it was, vereyone was out on streets and 2 o clock at night looked like happy new yr celebartion at 8 pm

  2. Well written!Shine, with loads of emotions for Team India:-)it feels like that we have conquered the world by winning this Cricket World Cup 2011....

    Cheers and love,

  3. Not a single line about our Most Successful skipper!!!!??????!!!! And about his fabulous knock.!!!!! :(

  4. It's true, as it has happened. India won the cricket world cup 2011. Government declared a holiday on 2nd April, people getting 3 holidays in a row & the cricket team i.e. Team India made that 3 days the most memorable.
    I agree with what Amir Khan had said when Team India won the tournament, "India won 3 finals, against Australia, Pakistan & finally Sri Lanka", to which I agree.

    But just one question to you. Shine, the post just before the current one, you said that India Pakistan match was fixed & you have also posted a link to prove it. Unfortunately that link did not open on my computer citing some error, hence I want to ask you that in the current blog you said no ifs & buts only the world cup & you urself posted the match fixing post. Did you post it just for the sake for it or is it that when India won the world cup you thought 'let the match be fixed, so what, after all we won'. Hence the current post.

    I want to know your comments dear.


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