Saturday 6 December 2014

Temple and Tampons

You fight for temples and tampons,
I will walk inside sacred door.
Source: Google Search

You hand me that sweet somethings,
I will relish it as candy.

You want me to don that amulet,
I will not tote to that force.

You hold me by neck to make me to take a bow,
I will not bow inside a museum.

You tell me to sin and repent till I die,
I will be a sinner innumerable times in your eyes.

You follow what a shepherd wrote,
And I need no such note.

Author's Note: 
You call yourself the saviour of Mosque and Mensuration.
You tell us what should be done with Temple and Tits.
You dictate the rules that govern Churches and Clits.
And  fight over whose preaching is based on science.
And you want theocracy to run countries.
And you kill whoever not following your faith.

P.S.: Religion is only beautiful till it is not forced upon someone. Let us all coexist in the name of humanity!

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