Saturday 1 November 2014

When life gives you Coffee beans

It was a quick mug of coffee that she craved. She rushed into the office pantry slipped a mug from the shelf, filled it with hot water, threw coffee, sugar and milk powder in it. Moved a spoon inside the mug for precisely five rotations. It tasted bad, but it worked wonders for her.

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Author's Note: Life is just as a cup of coffee, it will not taste great always but will be just perfect for you.

P.S.: No matter how great you want your coffee to be, sometimes just a quick one cannot match the one presented by the best of Barista(s). I assume that all hot, cold, frothy, espresso, latte, cappuccino, arabian coffee lovers connect to this post.


  1. I could visualise you going into the pantry :p
    I have realised I am a chai person but whenever I think of coffee, am reminded of Dylan's Cafe in Manali. One of the best coffees I have ever had.
    Anyway, I can totally relate to it. At time even my tea tastes awful but it's just perfect to give me that much required kick/happiness. In fact I enjoy the process of making it than actually having it. It's like am beating my day's frustration away in the mug. Lol :D

    1. Haha true. :)

      There have been times when I do not beat it, I just dump all the ingredients into a cup and drink it - and it still magically allows me to breath!

  2. perhaps time n mood also matters :D

  3. Oh yeah, I need my coffee every morning and instant coffee does not do it for me, except in a real jam or time crunch.

    When life gives you coffee beans, you need to look for a grinder, a percolator and some water....

  4. True. It works wonders for all of us who live in coffee even if it has been prepared in hurry with rotating spoon for precisely five times ;-)


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