Friday 31 October 2014

Complicating Love

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We can talk about it later, we have all the time. Why do you want to spoil the day? he asked while answering the question - I think you like being melodramatic.

She was enraged, melodramatic was a strong word. He was as calm as still waters as if he did not say anything offensive. From the very beginning, it was impossible for her to read his mind. For her who could read anyone's mind within a span of few seconds, her sense was turned blind when he was the one. His face never invited her judgement, it was non conditional feeling that numbed her mind.

I do not ask anything other than a yes or a no, she said while looking right in his eyes.

He was quite, his eyes did not reveal anything. After a long uncomfortable silence, he said, saying either is not as simple as it sounds.

She left with a broken heart and managed to hide her tears. She did not want to explain to him the basic concept of love. She hoped to be wanted by him, not as a person who can make his day but as a companion who could sweep him away.

Author's Note: Love is not complicated, people are. 

P.S.: It is okay to get your heart broken, you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find that prince charming. (wink)


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    1. Double thank you - for visiting and for liking it.

  2. If you 'don't like' to be with someone, tell them
    If you 'cant be' with someone, tell them
    The problem lies when you take a person as an option. That's not love.
    I wonder how can people be with someone if they don't like/love a person.

    1. That is all what life throws at them and they are just too comfortable fighting with the one they do not like than to move out and find sm1 they might like.

      Comfort zone funda - cribbing is easier than taking an action.

  3. There is no point in complaining.If she walked into it,she should face consequences of blind love

    1. i think you seriously need to read the post once again, the writer hasn't wrote what you have indicated in the comment.


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