Sunday 5 October 2014

Five reasons not to #BoycottHaider

To me bashing any piece of creativity is unjustified, be it fatwa against Salman Rushdie for his work, censor board's stalling Deepa Mehta's Fire, or Tweeples talking #BoycottHaider. Just for the records the movie garnered 8.9 IMBD rating and people in my circle, who have watched the movie, have liked it. So to me all that criticism and Boycott talk is coming from people who have boycotted it already - most of the participants in the #BoycottHaider drive have not even watched the movie!
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Here is my observation about the claims made on Twitter. I will refrain from sharing the story line, but I will pick up points that you will be able to relate with once you watch it!

1. The story is about the struggles of a Muslim family. It shows that Muslims in Kashmir are vulnerable, the ones who spread violence are those who are across the border. They mislead youth and use them as a tool to spread disharmony in India. People follow the wrong path for a reason - mostly for sentiments not for big ideologies.

2. I do not see Army's role is not in a wrong light - it shows that Army is no clairvoyant - they go via the messenger route. The movie indicates that Armed Forces Special Power Act (AFSPA) is a draconian law, and if you do a little google search you will find reasons why is it called as a tool of state abuse, oppression and discrimination. Even UN has stated that AFSPA is against international law. The act is applied in the state of Kashmir and North East to protect India from terrorists, but any law - like Dowry Law or Rape Law - is susceptible to misuse. Irom Sharmila has been on a hunger strike from 2000 to get this act out. She has been fed through a pipe attached to her nose. So there are protests against AFSPA for quite a long time - the movie in fact brings this to light.

3. It does not in any way bring Kashmiri pandit into the picture. No talk about Hinduism. The movie is not about them. It is about the struggles parents of Muslim who do not want their kids to fall in the trap of terrorism. Parents who want their kids to move out in other parts of India and experience real freedom.

4. The movie reminds that plebiscite for People of Kashmir was promised by Pt Nehru. The issue has been raised time and again - shows that politicians should not deliver big speeches if they cannot stand upto it, it creates resentment. There is a scene in the movie - that indicated that it is not about freedom of Kashmir but about slavery from across the border.

5. Haider, he was not a hero, but a protagonist, fighting complexities of loss, betrayal and revenge!

Author's Note: Why does a piece of art haunt people? It is just an opinion, and not a holy book! Listening to the other side of the story only makes you human. Young Muslims in Kashmir are being misled by an organised set of terrorists. #HaiderTrueCinema. The movie is based on facts!


  1. I totally agree with you Shine. If some people have made a story on life of a man who is muslim doesnt make the whole thing worth a boycott. We all know that kashmiri muslims have thrown out kashmiri pandits/hindus but not every one must have done so. Further we should be open about the other part of the narration too. There is a story happening there as well where a protagonist is marred by situation. I would watch this and share my thoughts on the same. Good one!

    1. And something that is being fueled from across the border, in an organized fashion, played on by politicians for years now, need a fresh look. Half of the issue would resolve if there is acceptance. Majority manages to let down minority - it is not right, but sects created in the minds of people need an understanding ear!

    2. Yes sometimes from across the border and sometimes we as humans become selfish. The Muslim natives have done bad with their Hindu neighbours in Kashmir. But I guess when humans, be them of any religion, see their benefit they oppress people on the basis of caste, creed, religion, sex. This is the story of every place. We need to understand things!

    3. I agree! Eye for an eye will only leave the whole world blind.

      The communal disharmony in Kashmir I believe has an element of cross border/separatist intervention - if all that they have is Muslims in Kashmir - they will be easily manipulated to vote in favour of free Kashmir or go with Pakistan in case plebiscite is allowed.

      The situation is much better now in Kashmir than it was during the mid 90s. I know of a few Kashmiri Pandits who have gone back to the Valley.


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