Friday 16 May 2014

In praise of NaMo - Narendra Modi.

BJP won India's 2014 Union Elections, or did Modi win? Would it be synonymous to say so?  My Facebook feeds are full of 'in praise of NaMo'. I do not have any reasons to say why he should have not won.

When George W. Bush was elected as President of America for the second time, I was sad that Americans are so ignorant that they choose someone who would further the international oil diplomacy surfaced in the form of Iraq war. Americans are ignorant people. They think that the moon is made of cheese and if you tell them that it is not they will not agree, instead argue with you.

The political arena is a dirty place. The PR machinery backing Mr Modi was just a little too aggressive.
Check the image below:

Source: Logical Indian Facebook Page
Apparently, #BJP had done some cost-cutting when it came to pay for 'skilled' graphic designers.

Don't miss to visit the official link attached!
Too many media houses means too many opinions. Sometimes PR machinery goofs up. Modi Refused to Talk about Gujarat Riots, check the video here, where he walks out from an Interview with Karan Thapar.

For people to justify his wrong doings during the Godhra riots, just because he brought development to Gujarat make me feel that Indian's are putting themselves too much into Modi's shoes - ranting & chanting NaMo. And please do not compare two wrongs to justify that the wrong Modi did was still a better wrong than wrongs done during the 1984 Sikh riots. 

I wish he will take India as a secular state, where existence of any religion is not under government's watch.
I wish no Ram Mandir is constructed at Babri Masjid site, make it a memorial for Ayodhya riot victims
To all those religious people out there, who I might have offended, I believe in just The Facebook God!

Author's Note: Good Luck Mr Modi! And Please answer questions raised in my previous post, Modi - The Prime Time Indian Tamasha.

P.S.: I wish we see India where if someone we love did something wrong, we can go upto that person and tell them. Be it those who burnt Sabarmati express, or those who burnt Best Bakery - It was wrong - paving way for a man eats man world!

P.P.S: A little ride on the memory lane, I expect something similar coming to Modi. 


  1. For a change I found someone who's not blindly flowing in the NaMo wave. Of course, the Congress deserved to lose after the flurry of corruption cases its members were party to, but tragically we don't have a solid opposition to take its place.

    Just saying - To choose a mass murderer as a leader because he did good development work is like marrying a serial rapist because he's getting a six-figure salary.


    1. Well, thanks CRD. I totally second your thoughts. People just do not agree that he is a mass murderer. Closing your eyes to wrong never changes any wrong.

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    1. Wave of Modi is strong but wrong can never be equated!

      The best solution for two dogs and a bone situation is to take away the bone - Babri Masjit and Ayodhya Temple. It applies to congress / BJP or whoever!

      Politics is diplomacy - everyone tries to get to their vote base - be it AAP (when he said that he does not have any problem with any religion), Congress (banking on minority votes and gandhian philosophy) or BJP (banking on hinduttva). Modi was strongest of all - and he won! You might be finding me angry for the fact that you know that I have a disconnect with Modi's ideologies. I am not angry Shesha! It is good to learn that Modi has a secular backing, I hope he proves to be one.

      About photoshop - it could have been done better - by bringing aesthetics of photo-shop! I am not saying that others do not do it - cloning of the crowd is where they fail the photoshop.

      My point is that he is a criminal - who took to power by ignorant people and smart PR!

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  4. It is important that debate and discussion are never stopped. That is the strength of a democracy. We must continue to show respect to the tradition of an informed discussion and learn to accept facts. For instance, 1984, 2002 are facts just as yesterday's electoral verdict is.

    1. I hope that the strength and spirit of democracy are upheld in the times to come.

  5. Nicely penned thoughts shine but somehow I feel they lack balance. Ofcourse two wrongs don't make one right and also agree with ur Photoshop thingi. But we also need to examine the court proceeding which cleared him.

    Instead of flowing in namo wave or against it, I would rather see how this government performs for next one year before reaching a biased conclusion and calling a person mass murderer. We Indians gave mandate to him and we should respect democracy rather then cribbing about it.
    And yeah now I am a bigger fan of your blog :-)

    1. Thanks Hemant, and a bigger thanks for sharing your thoughts so aptly. Back in 2002, I entered my college to pursue BA (H) Journalism. We were supposed to read news papers - varied opinions - and Gujarat Riots lead the news. We chatted with journalists who said that police stood at the riot site but did nothing to stop the riots. It was media person who took the wounded to hospitals. My opinion is totally one sided for the fact that I am not writing a news report but sharing my opinion - and I do not intend to write in favour of modi for as long as he talks Hinduttva or religion.

      I am no expert in Gujarat riots, but I wish a better leadership stood up against Modi (or instead of Modi).

      Now some 12 years later - he is the PM of India. I feel bad - may be those who elected him were either unaware of his deeds or they think that his past deeds will not impact them.

      PS: Modi got cleared in just one court proceeding - his role during riots, there are n number of cases pending against him - Naroda gam, Gulberg Society, Prantij, Mehsana (Deepda Darwaja), Pandarwada, Sardarpura as well as fake encounters of Sohrabuddin Sheikh, his wife Kauserbi, Tulsi Prajapati, Israt Jahan and Sadik Jamaal .
      Read more here
      In Modi's India, a case of rule and divide

  6. The photoshoped image is indeed shocking! But I would still give this man the credit of bringing together the country as a united voice.There seems to be a sudden surge of patriotism since his contention in the election.What he does as against what he has promised remains to be seen but I do have hopes, looking at how the country has come forward to correct their situation by voting for the person they felt was fit to rule their country.

    1. Hope is what I carry for my country. Thanks for stopping by!


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