Friday, 16 May 2014

In praise of NaMo - Narendra Modi.

BJP won India's 2014 Union Elections, or did Modi win? Would it be synonymous to say so?  My Facebook feeds are full of 'in praise of NaMo'. I do not have any reasons to say why he should have not won.

When George W. Bush was elected as President of America for the second time, I was sad that Americans are so ignorant that they choose someone who would further the international oil diplomacy surfaced in the form of Iraq war. Americans are ignorant people. They think that the moon is made of cheese and if you tell them that it is not they will not agree, instead argue with you.

The political arena is a dirty place. The PR machinery backing Mr Modi was just a little too aggressive.
Check the image below:

Source: Logical Indian Facebook Page
Apparently, #BJP had done some cost-cutting when it came to pay for 'skilled' graphic designers.

Don't miss to visit the official link attached!
Too many media houses means too many opinions. Sometimes PR machinery goofs up. Modi Refused to Talk about Gujarat Riots, check the video here, where he walks out from an Interview with Karan Thapar.

For people to justify his wrong doings during the Godhra riots, just because he brought development to Gujarat make me feel that Indian's are putting themselves too much into Modi's shoes - ranting & chanting NaMo. And please do not compare two wrongs to justify that the wrong Modi did was still a better wrong than wrongs done during the 1984 Sikh riots. 

I wish he will take India as a secular state, where existence of any religion is not under government's watch.
I wish no Ram Mandir is constructed at Babri Masjid site, make it a memorial for Ayodhya riot victims
To all those religious people out there, who I might have offended, I believe in just The Facebook God!

Author's Note: Good Luck Mr Modi! And Please answer questions raised in my previous post, Modi - The Prime Time Indian Tamasha.

P.S.: I wish we see India where if someone we love did something wrong, we can go upto that person and tell them. Be it those who burnt Sabarmati express, or those who burnt Best Bakery - It was wrong - paving way for a man eats man world!

P.P.S: A little ride on the memory lane, I expect something similar coming to Modi.