Sunday 25 May 2014

Goodbye First Love!

It is the hardest thing to do,
because this is a pure feeling.

It is like tough to break loose,
because we are like swinging Magnets!

We attract and we repel
And keep struggling in our mind

Our Norths do not get along
Our Souths detest each other.

But my North loves your South
And your North loves my South.

That is why it is the hardest thing
To say good bye to you, dear first love!

Author's Note: We attract each other when we are far away and repell each other when we are close.

P.S.: Goodbyes are never easy, and when it is about first love - it is the toughest thing to do.


  1. All those first times. The first love and the first break-up. Really takes its toll on the heart and if you are not careful enough, it'll definitely leave scars. Dealing with a similar situation so can relate. :)

  2. The North and South example was good. It's amazing how we tend to start loving one's flaws and vice versa.

    The first love ends only to give way to a new one. Be hopeful and go around with an open heart. You never know where you find him/her :)

  3. Of course no one can forget their first love. But over time we all get over it.

    Awesome comparison with magnets!


  4. Liked this one - "We attract and we repel, And keep struggling in our mind" which is so true and only one with experience can interpret that ;)

    And yeah..first of everything is unforgettable...



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