Wednesday 29 April 2015

Yes, being a Yes person!
(Y on Day 25 of A to Z Challenge 2015)

Be water, be fire, be air and be earth
Nurture everything with a smile
Stay wild, stay happy, stay awesome
Chase a butterfly
Follow your instincts
Make your own way
Travel and make new friends
Gaze midnight stars
And stand out in the cold
Love generously
Let go of what does not treat you right
Exude compassion, empathy and beauty
Be kind, it is the most beautiful trait!

Author's Note: Our wanderlust is our true affliction. But can we do anything without being who we truly are? Since I believe in YOLO, I would rather do a Marlin Monroe than to miss out on the fun.

I am a yes person, if something fascinates me , I will dive in without a second thought. Yes, it could be silly but what I find is sillier is a regret. I say yes to adventures, to treasure hunts, hopeless quests, to a lifetime of searching and most importantly a yes to myself (and people I love).

P.S.: Yes, being a Yes person for Y - April 29, 2015. My twenty fifth post for the A to Z April Challenge.

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  1. Liked this thought of being a Yes Person!! and I am realizing how many times I said No to things I really love...reason is immaterial though.

    I am glad to read this!!

  2. Beautifully crafted. That's a yes:)


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