Saturday 25 April 2015

Very Special People
(V on Day 22 of A to Z Challenge 2015)

Of all the special people in your life, there are some very special people, and they are recipient of unconditional love from us. While there are people who take advantage of being considered special, to me treating someone special is not a bad thing.

Bad is when you take people for granted. Show that they are special, when you don't mean it. No matter how much a good person would love you, everyone has a threshold. They will slip away!

Even if you end up feeling cheated, the other one will end up feeling guilty, unless the other one is not a narcissist.

So do you really need to cry over a loss when you were someone to give your best?

P.S. Very Special People for V - April 25, 2015. My twenty second post for the A to Z April Challenge.

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