Saturday 4 April 2015

Dairy, Oh My Dear Dairy
(D on Day 4 of A to Z Challenge 2015).

Dairy, Oh my dear Dairy,
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I am so very sorry.
For trails of emotive me.
Sometimes burdensome,
troublesome and glee-some.
Sometimes contemplative, narrative.

Few unfounded elation and useless cries.
My tears get soaked on you,
They create clump on paper sheets.
I share my smiles when I am happy,
And fill you with dry rose petals.

As I scribble on you,
You lay me a patient ear to me,
That no living being is capable of laying.
You patiently listen to my disappointments,
and my rants on the way world operates.

You know all my secrets and
No one knows where you reside.
Because you are so dear to me
that I have kept you hidden from
scorching eyes and spy headed world.

You are precious to me because,
whenever I visit you, you bring smiles to me.
And all it takes is scribbling a few words
For me to stay connected to you.

Author's Note: A secret dairy has always accompanied me. It carried tiny details of moments when I have been super happy or super sad.

Each time I visited it, it made me stronger. To know that I have been happy and to feel proud that I have overcome disasters in life.

P.S.: Dairy, Oh My Dear Dairy for D - April 4, 2015. My fourth post for the A to Z April Challenge.


  1. hello! How are you enjoying the challenge? I love keeping a journal by the way.

  2. A secret diary is a powerful friend. :)

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  4. I've been maintaining a personal diary for more than a decad enow and Ive never felt bad for ranting to it. Also, Ive not taken much efforts to reading back into those pages. Sometimes I wonder what would happen to those untild stories. Sometimes, I try to share it with very best friends. Expecting a poetical E

    Drop into

  5. Of the many times I've tried to start a secret diary, most of the time the contents end up turning into fantasy writings. Fiction is better than reality in my case. :P

    <a href="“>N J Magas, author</a>

  6. I kept nodding my head all through the poem! You have penned it beautifully :) What will we do without our diaries, who listens to all our banters so patiently!

    Double Jeopardy

  7. I've kept a journal (off and on) for almost twenty years now. It's definitely good having someone you can tell your secrets to.

    Cait @ Click's Clan

  8. i always thought this only happened in the movies.........interesting

    it was a lovely poem

  9. Visiting from A/Z; diaries are great to be able to record our thoughts, hopes, wishes, etc., that we don't necessarily want to share with others :) Enjoy the rest of the challenge!


  10. Amazing words.. beautifully written.! and I could connect so well with it..! I think that you a wonderful writer..!!



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