Saturday 11 April 2015

Just, Just Float
(J on Day 10 of A to Z Challenge 2015).

Just when I was to break away from the notorieties of life
Shedding  a zealous pursuit of chasing love
And things glorified

Just a look back and a quick walk through of my life
When I was tamed and famed in the name of love
And materialism galore

Just as I took a step to somewhere in vain
To break away from what they fame
And Just float

Author's Note: Stop the struggle, Just Float. Enjoy being a log on the waters while catch a wide view of night starry skies or cloudy daylight. 

The journey is worth it when you stop struggling to survive and enjoy the beauty of being in varied situations.

P.S.: Just, Just Float. for J - April 11, 2015. My tenth post for the A to Z April Challenge.


  1. Very thought-provoking - sometimes we need a reminder to just float. And breathe!

    1. Thanks for stopping by.
      We need to be easy on ourselves :)

  2. Thank you! A lovely reminder ..!!!

  3. So be an audience of your life for a while...nice idea Shine..I like it :)

    1. Thanks Hemant.
      Audience is also an interesting angle to it. We need to look at our actions.. and be easy on ourselves


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