Thursday 16 April 2015

Nightmare It Is
(N on Day 14 of A to Z Challenge 2015).

It was a stark dark road, and I stood still amidst tall buildings and no greens. A traffic signal faraway that flashed yellow, inviting me to walk towards it. As I started a voyage towards the light, everything was threatening to kill me. I encountered a huge man hole just five steps away from where I started and sound of barking dogs. So huge that it covered the entire street. A railing on the wall was all that seem to welcome me and I hopped on. Sticking on to it as I made tiny steps. Each of my tiny steps inversely impacted the diameter of the manhole. Inside that manhole were bears waiting for me to fall, howling at me to fall and be their feast for the night. My heart was pounding harder, I did not want to die like this.

I crossed the dreaded manhole only to find a huge wolf in front of me. I went numb and could not take a step. I was only waiting for the wolf to jump and feast on me. It seems better to have a grave inside one whole animal than be eaten by many. The wolf walked upto me and sniffed me and walked towards the manhole. I looked back and the manhole was gone. It was now a city with a bustling nightlife.

And a Chinese man on a bike, pulled brakes shouting get on the bike, they are coming for you?
Who is it?
Shut up and hop on, he shouted.
Why is someone coming for me?
And then someone missed a shot at me. Without a second thought I hopped on.
He sped into the woods and crashed his bike into a drain.

I was inside deep waters, struggling to breath and trying to swim out of it. Breathing hard but something chokes in my throat. Trying to move my hands but they do not move. I hear a siren somewhere. I wish someone see me and save me in this dark night.

It was then that the alarm rang, and my collars were draining sweat.

Author's Note: Come to think of how I want to die, perhaps in my sleep, while I win over demons that are housed in my head and pound my heart badly in real life.

Sleep paralysis is what I wanted to narrate via this short story.

P.S.: Nightmare It Is for N - April 16, 2015. My fourteenth post for the A to Z April Challenge.

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  1. Hi SK - that sounds a terrible nightmare ... I'm glad my mind doesn't release these kind of ideas for me to have terrible nights!! Thanks for your visit .. cheers Hilary

    1. Thanks for stopping by Hilary.
      This is a fictitious narration, but yes I have faced sleep paralysis, that's quite terrible.

  2. Great N-word choice. Fortunately I never remember any of mine - dreams or nightmares. Yours sounds scary.

    Thanks for visiting me.
    Best of luck for the rest of the challenge.

  3. Dreams can be scary. Great concept and heart pounding!!

    1. Okay. I still feel it could get scarier ;)
      Thanks for stopping by.


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