Monday 27 April 2015

Wanderer's Wonder
(W on Day 23 of A to Z Challenge 2015)

When you travel, you are not tired, and in Himachal Pradesh I really traveled. Was it weed in the air or was it the weather that took me to wander in Manali?

Streams of hills emerge from flowing brown waters
A few trees squabble through the curves of concrete
Rest of them are standing tall on rich green mountains
With a few blossom flowers a lot of rich green weed
Sun beam falls on my specs as trees scream for attention
Trees tall and green and some of them slouch to strong wind
Not untouched my humankind I see towers and running wires
Through this a neatly arranged landscapes to be seen
Beautiful, isn't it?

Here is a photo collection of my wanderlust in Manali.

Music and view, just before carving my footprints in Manali

Outskirts of Manali

Sunbeam and tall trees in Manali
We Checked In
On our way to Jogini Falls, we discovered curves on hills and road! 
Resting after a little Trek at Jogini Falls

Harimba Temple
Here 18 Animals are slaughtered during Navratras

Day 2 we were on our way to Gulaba Valley and Salong Valley

After we made a snow man at Gulaba Valley

Glitters at Gurudwara Manikaran Sahib
And we received a splendid hospitality
Riverside at Kasol

Author's Note: I wandered and I wrote a poem. I walked long distances. Amidst quite a lot of hiccups, I heard drums, saw dance and weeds plantation. Not to forget recording here that I about to be attacked by 7 hungry dogs. Eeks!!

Last year I visited Udaipur during A to Z Challenge and this year it was Manali. Wonder what is up for next year ;p

P.S.: Wandrer's Wonder for W - April 27, 2015. My twenty third post for the A to Z April Challenge.

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