Tuesday 14 April 2015

Love Rests in Duality (L on Day 12 of A to Z Challenge 2015).

They say opposites attract. I still don't know if we are opposites or similar.

I totally find myself swayed by him. Sometimes being pulled towards him and sometimes being asked to drift away. It is not that I don't do this to him. I do the same, not with a revengeful intent. My conundrum of emotions and his debate of logic bring us to a middle ground. Our duality fit into each other's perfect imperfections. We are on the same sides and we are the warriors. Even when we are deeply in love, we are on a war.

And that's Love!

Love rests in duality and leaving you with this song:

Author's Note: This topic took me long, to form an idea and to bring together my thoughts. Don't really know why it happened, either I am exhausted with the challenge or I hold love too dear to be easily expressed through words. I failed at penning a story, I have my thoughts in place and it will appear on my blog soon. 

P.S.: Love Rests in Duality for L- April 14, 2015. My twelvth post for the A to Z April Challenge.


  1. I believe that Love can be expressed only by contrasting thoughts....and yeah..nice song!!

    1. Thts a nice way to look at it.
      Thanks for visiting :)

  2. Love is simple but difficult to comprehend, isn't it!
    Points To Ponder

    1. True.
      Thats coz people play dirty games in the name of love.
      Thabks for visiting.


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