Monday 4 April 2016

Childhood for C | A to Z April 2016 Challenge

Here is a list of a few childhood memories we all miss the most. What's best to revisit that time. Here's what I carry for my childhood takeaways:

1. That Raw Imagination – imaginary friends, turning dad’s jacket into a monster, and making strange faces in front of mirror only to get scary with ourselves.

2. Completing home-work so that we could get free before we hear Duck Tales hooo-uuu-ooo on TV!

3. Evening play time was a routine, spending summer vacations at Naani (Maternal Grandmother) house was the most looked forward time.

4. Free-flowing creativity - decorating scrap book, building sand castles, paper craft and the list is endless!

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5. Waiting for Shenaaz’s MTV’s Most Wanted on MTV when it use to be a music channel. Oh I loved her so much.

6. Gang-fights during recess. Our ammunitions were paper balls or aluminium foil balls. Though I hardly participated, and preferred to go on walk across the school!

7. Being super excited about everything - stationary shopping, watching Hip Hip Hurray, finding a plastic toy in fun flips pack, anybody’s birthday party!

8. Getting a chance to click photos and waiting for the album to develop.

9. Looking forward to meet those role model – Didis and Bhaiyas who were just so cool! My case was more with my maasis and mamajis (that's my mother's siblings)

10.   Rainy season fun – making paper boat, getting drenched along with worms in a muddy wet soil. Oh I so proudly pass on this legacy to my kid cousins.

Author's Note: OMG, I cannot believe that I could pull together ten points, though this post was saved draft. There's more that I will add here because I am super busy...

Treasure hunt, organizing fests, wishing to sleep sound after watching a horror movie, swings (I still hop on swings), kite flying (I got kites every 15th August but I remember that I could actually fly it once, and after taking the flight it started raining and my kite came down soggy), planning mischief, playing kabaddi, cricket, hide and seek, bicycle race, inventing new games.

My C alphabet happened finally. 


  1. After reading you I felt nothing much has changed here. Touchwood! Though I long for Nanis house and right now missing my nahi. Cute and lovely :)

  2. Hahahaha..I could relate to all of it. yeah, childhood was the real life.

  3. Omg, I just realised that a lot of these things are things that kids of the 80s enjoyed. Wonder if the next gen will relate.

    Your post brought back memories:-)


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