Tuesday 5 April 2016

Dreams for D | A to Z April 2016 Challenge

If dreams are pebbles
Throw them in the puddle
Google Image Search
Let them make ripples
Dream on you dreamer

Dream on and on and over again
And bring smiles to idle times
Bring joy to toddlers face
Kill monotony in an elderly's life

Dream on you dreamer
More than anyone any time
Even a small dream whatsoever
If your dreams make you smile.

Author's Note: On a lighter note, sleep on! Kidding...

However I believe if you are a true dreamer you will lose on your sleep to make the dreams come true.

Another hectic day and a day with patchy internet connection, I pulled together a verse. Hashtag Proud!


  1. Awww lovely poem and I feel motivated after the Author's Note... :D

  2. I too took this topic for D in 2014. I loved the poem too. We writers are big time dreamers and I feel so glad about it.

    Do come back to www.malavikka.blogspot.com

  3. My dreams make me smile too :) Looking forward to your all your posts this month!

  4. Blog on you blogger
    Tis a mission that you're on
    26 posts in 30 days
    Show the world how it's done!

    Well written:-)

  5. Love the flow. It touches the heart. Smile and dream big:)


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